Troubleshooting: R20es

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VTTes/R20es v1.15.38

1️⃣ Disable other extensions (this includes Tampermonkey) and do a ctrl + F5.

If the problem or setting(s) you are attempting to work with are not present, the issue resides outside of VTTes/(R20ES).

2️⃣ Disable VTT ES and attempt to use Roll20 without it.

If the problem or settings you are attempting to work with is/are present, it may be that Roll20 has something going on with it independently.

3️⃣ While testing don't keep entering into the same game. Make sure your efforts to see what is happening to include attempting to enter other games (even if you have to create a new game to test that)

4️⃣ Use both Chrome and Firefox (and both of their private/incognito modes) to see if the problem is unique to your settings.

5️⃣ Try Uninstalling and reinstalling the VTT ES (R20ES) extension.

6️⃣ If the problem isn't with VTT ES, and specifically if the problem is with Better20. Use BetteR20's Troubleshooting Guide

7️⃣ Once you've confirmed the issue is with VTT ES...

State the problem AND the steps to reproduce the problem, feel free to share screenshots, and where possible provide the error (red) text from console. ( ctrl+shift+J opens the console - Red Text are the error messages)

(you do not need to screen shot a "Uh-oh" error screen. (Aka - please don't just post that) The console, or debug results are what is going to be sought. Be prepared to provide that when asked...)

Copy and fill out this:

ISSUE:  a statement of the issue
STEPS: what you need to do to generate it
BROWSER: what browser and version you are using
EXTENSION(s): what extensions are you running when the error presents.
CONSOLE: copy of what the console or error message(s) show

Specify EVERYTHING, saying "current version" doesn't mean you are, knowing what the current version is, does indicate that you've checked and confirmed such. if it helps

Once you have all that prepared - head over to their discord, acknowledge that you're not going to be seeking support for any BettR20 issues - they will not help you on such. and in the #Issues/Support channel post your support ticket form (above).