Troubleshooting: Plutonium

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(after each step attempt to reproduce your error)

1) Check Known Issues/Rivet & Plutonium and the Plutonium FAQ
2) Check your Environment (Browser/Version/Extensions/Foundry Version/Installed modules). Checking the browsers / restrictions on supported modules / extensions and like (listed in Known Issues/Rivet & Plutonium). Make sure to test the issue outside of the App/Electron.
Supported Browsers
Chrome : 87+
Firefox : 84+
Chrome : 88.0.4324.104
Firefox : 85.0.0

Brave; Avast; Edge are all offshoots of the base build for Chromium - they may work, but ... if you have issues, you will need to check against a current release of the main browser. If the issue does not persist on the current release of official Chrome... then you have found why they are not officially supported.
WaterFox is not supported. It runs on a dated branch of Firefox build
ESR release is also, NOT supported, it runs on version 60, which is lower than the minimum required version for Firefox. Consider switching to the default branch of Firefox.

3) Confirm you've installed it correctly ( and have updated to the CURRENT release, and have (where possible) modded your backend correctly.
4) Refresh game/Clear Cache (Control + F5);
5) Check your Browsers Extensions (Turning off all your extensions (except uBlock and Rivet). Attempt to generate the issue with the extensions off.
We're looking for possible issues with browser extensions modifying or blocking site content. If the error does not persist, the error may be with an extension.
If you are using Rivet, make sure you're using the browser Rivet is installed within as the browser to access FoundryVTT as well.
If the issue does not persist, the issue is likely not Plutonium,
6) Disable the Plutonium module and see if the issues persists
If does, its most likely not a Plutonium issue,

You'll then start to gather information to ensure your issue is properly documented, and avoid back and forth attempting to get such after the fact.

7) Re-enable Plutonium; and confirm you are using Plutonium version v1.29.2 & Rivet version v0.1.4 or better; Disable all the other modules and begin loading the other modules back one by one and testing; if the error presents only with another module loaded; there is an interaction issue and you'll want to ...
8) Document your Environment (Browser/Version/Extensions/Foundry Version/Installed modules)
A rapid way to pull the currently installed modules is as follows - Control + Shift + J or F12 will bring up the console which if you copy and paste this:
Object.entries(game.settings.get("core", "moduleConfiguration")).filter(([k, v]) => v).map(([k]) => `${game.modules.get(k).data.title} v${game.modules.get(k).data.version}`)
and paste into the console - it will return the current modules loaded.

9) Check the console Error log (Ctrl+Shift+J or F12), console
This is usually entered by hitting Control + Shift + J, or F12 consoles logs will look something like this;
Look for the entries which are red or yellow and have plutonium.js in their text
Console Errors
Console Errors
if you see entries which are in red and reference plutonium.js ; take screen shots of the error in console.

Then copy and fill out the following; Report the error on 5eTools community Discord in the #Plutonium-n-Rivet-Issues channel, inside the Virtual Tabletop Channel.

**Support Request** <Statement_of_the_issue(s)>
**Environment/OS**: <(ie Self hosted on Windows; On S3; TheForge etc)>
**Browser (<version>)**:
**Extensions (<Version>)**:
**Foundry & DND system Version**:
**Modules Installed (<Version>)**: 
> Example (1.0); 
> Plutonium (2.34.5); 
**Is the Backend installed and updated?** 
**Reproduction Steps**: <List_all_steps_to_generate_the_issue>

Include console log screenshot(s) (F12) attached to the support request AND make sure if its NOT YOUR error, ie you're reporting for someone else that you state that.