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Troubleshooting the Bot

The Bot left my server after inviting it

If you don't have users, the bot leaves the server.
If you've restricted its rights under the required level, it will leave the server.

The Bot doesn't respond to a request, returns an error etc.

1️⃣ Consult with the !help command, you may have missed a needed argument in the command.

| means you can use either of the commands
<> means that part of the command is required.
[] means it is an optional part of the command.

2️⃣ Check 5eCrawler FAQ to see if your issue is listed.

3️⃣ Check Discord Status, it may be an issue on their end.

4️⃣ Once you've confirmed the issue is with 5eCrawler...

Join the ```Support Server``` and report the issue in #bug-reports under the 5eCrawler category.

State the problem AND the steps to reproduce the problem, feel free to share screenshots and if you got an error message by the bot, the ending sentence after "tell the developer that: [...]"

Please abide by the pinned template in the channel or copy and fill out this:

 What is the bug?: 
 Steps to reproduce:

Explanation of the bug request template

What is the bug?

Describe here a quick description of the bug.


Select either Trivial (typos, etc), Low (formatting issues, things that don't impact operation), Medium (minor functional impact), High (a broken feature, major functional impact) or Critical (bot crash, extremely major functional impact)

Steps to reproduce

What it says on the can, how the bug occurred, and how to reproduce it. Without this, it cannot be properly bugfixed.


Insert the full description of the command that the bug occurred in and any choice trees that caused the error.


 What is the bug?: DM commands not working
 Severity: Medium to High
 Steps to reproduce: Any command in direct messages to @5eCrawler 
 Context: Does not seem to work with any lookup command.

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