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* Support
* Support
** [[Teamplet:EVENT]]
** [[Template:SupportR20esDisclaimer]]
** [[Template:SupportR20esDisclaimer]]
** [[Template:SocialMediaDisclaimer]]
** [[Template:SocialMediaDisclaimer]]

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#REDIRECT pagename
place on pages for indexing
  • importing
  • homebrew
removes the TOC on pages

framless framless framless framless framless framless

Content Pattern Templates

(like the the kind you fill out - ie copy past this into new pages of the appropriate type; style sheets or whatever you want to call them)

for each page ... final polish

Feature Pages
  • For EACH feature - make a feature summary page conforms with its base feature template's layout
    • A Product Logo and Version - FREEZE the version for discontinued/abandoned features.
    • Create animated images atop the page for most features
    • confirm a feature category ICON for rapid identification. ( product: 5eTools, BetteR20, Plutonium, etc; FEATURE area (homebrew; race; class / canvas; journal; etc)
    • Feature descriptions/overview
    • Requirements/Instructions
    • Community info
      • Known Issues
      • FAQ
      • Best practices/ resources
    • Add the Version that the feature was added to the project
    • Add Categories [ [Category:Name ] ] where Category is ; 5eTools; BetteR20; VTTes; R20es; Support; Homebrew; Foundry; Plutonium; Rivet;
FAQ Pages
  • FAQ- FAQs should reference the templates from the features' whenever possible
    • A Product Logo and Version - FREEZE the version for discontinued/abandoned features.
    • Notification of where to find installation guide/user guide atop the page along with suggestion to search via CTRL F5
    • Each Templated Feature Entry formated in a similiar manner; with some hand coded additional entries from discord channel (look for #Addtowiki tags)



  • Page
    • What needs to be done

  • Features
    • Need to list all features in a single document, so review all Features: and make sure They are listed.
  • Known Limitations and Problems
    • Need to make a consistent format (from FAQ/Known limitations)

The DM Screen VTT

  • features
  • loooooooots of stuff
  • [[2]]
    • use template to build page from base
Feature: Quick Find
make intro image/define function and use
Troubleshooting: Feature: Conditions & Diseases
Troubleshooting Website
Website FAQ

build out like this? - https://aurorabuilder.com/documentation/
build tag references into the various feature overviews
  • Homebrew
    • how to overview
    • sample filesred
    • templates for starting entries
    • repo listing
Template:Homebrew: ReferenceTable
  • Use ^ that to propegate the Homebrew features pages
Template:HomebrewKeyPairTemplate for the key pairs
Homebrew: How to
Homebrew: JSON Overview
Homebrew: Overview
Homebrew: Resources
Homebrew Repository
Feature: Homebrew Builder
Feature: Emoji Support
  • finish listing images for the remaining emojis
Feature: Foreground
  • put into the new template and update the gif
Troubleshooting BetteR20
  • rework the wording



Create the content (templates)

DM Screen import add this to site

Import overview page

the range filters have their own funny format: {@filter your text here|spells|duration=[&10 minutes;&24+ hours]} square brackets around; the "&" signifies that it's a label for the thing to go look up, instead of a numerical index (you could instead use e.g. [0;2] to refer to "instant-1 minute")

Was wondering if there was some way to use multiple search terms at once to further narrow down results when importing things. A couple examples would be limiting the spell list to cleric 1st-level spells, or items to simple ranged weapons. I can't seem to figure out how to use more than one search term at a time in the Roll20 setup.

Double check information


WIKI WORK (as a site)

Install Extensions for

install Templates for wiki

Pages, Completed