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https://5etools.fandom.com/wiki/The_DM_Screen_VTT  add this to site
https://5etools.fandom.com/wiki/The_DM_Screen_VTT  add this to site

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MIRRORS https://5etools.dungeons.su/5etools.html http://5etools.wayneh.tw/book.html https://github.com/yoshipaulbrophy/5etools https://kanguen.github.io/index.html

https://5etools.fandom.com/wiki/The_DM_Screen_VTT add this to site

Import overview page

Plutonium pages

homebrew - https://aurorabuilder.com/documentation/


  • Guides
    • Importing
    • Homebrewing
    • DMs Screen

  • Wiki
    • FAQ (Roll20/5eTools/5eCrawler/Plutonium)
    • TROUBLESHOOTING (Roll20/5eTools/5eCrawler/Plutonium)

the range filters have their own funny format: {@filter your text here|spells|duration=[&10 minutes;&24+ hours]} square brackets around; the "&" signifies that it's a label for the thing to go look up, instead of a numerical index (you could instead use e.g. [0;2] to refer to "instant-1 minute")

rightclick the list -- 5etools clear list

Was wondering if there was some way to use multiple search terms at once to further narrow down results when importing things. A couple examples would be limiting the spell list to cleric 1st-level spells, or items to simple ranged weapons. I can't seem to figure out how to use more than one search term at a time in the Roll20 setup.



... add diagnostic /identification of the locus

... link to FAQ

... configuration files

  • Homebrew
    • how to overview
    • sample files
    • templates for starting entries
    • repo listing

homebrew file naming standards (author; anme

controls add G for Go to page add shift + F for Omnisearch add controls (mouse)

  • manage homebrew
  • table view
  • printer view
#REDIRECT pagename
place on pages for indexing
  • importing
  • homebrew
removes the TOC on pages

Pages to make

framless framless framless framless

Pages (unfinsihed)


5eTools Install Guide - install options for Chrome local/no server

BetteR20 FAQ

BetteRoll20 - delete? redirect??

Change Log - separate into better20/r20es; 5etools; plutonium; and crawler

Feature: Background Layer

Feature: Adventures

Feature: Animated Background

Feature: Animator - put into correct format/layout; make more readable.

Feature: Automatically Sort Initiative

Feature: BetteR20

Feature: Bind Drag-n-Drop

Feature: Books

Feature: Bulk 5e OGL Roll Type Setter

Feature: Character Creation Tool

Feature: DM Screen

Feature: DM Tools

Feature: Duplicate Character Fix

Feature: Dynamic Lighting - migrate to the new format

Feature: Emoji Support - includes the remaining emojis

Feature: Encounter Builder - layout

Feature: Foreground

Feature: Background Layer

Feature: Quick Find

Feature: Hex Grid Snapping - need to understand the feature

Feature: Homebrew Builder

Feature: Import - full guide

Feature: Libre Audio

Feature: Manage Homebrew

Feature: Module Importer/Exporter

Feature: Move Camera to Token

Feature: Open Tools List

Feature: Open Turn Tracker on Initiative

Feature: Performance Improvements

Feature: Ping Visible Token

Feature: Quick Layer Sidebar

Feature: R20 ES Config

Feature: R20ES - list of all r20ES features

Feature: Roll & Apply Hit Dice

Feature: SVG Drawing Tool

Feature: Scale Token Names by Size

Feature: Select Token

Feature: Table Importer/Exporter

Page: converter

Feature: Token Lock

Feature: Turn Order - guide

Feature: Weather


Homebrew: How to

Homebrew: JSON Overview

Homebrew: Overview

Homebrew: Resources

Homebrew Repository


R20es FAQ

R20es Install Guide

Resource: Animated Background

Roll20 Features

The DM Screen VTT

Feature: Background Layer

Troubleshooting: Feature: Conditions & Diseases

Troubleshooting: R20es

Troubleshooting BetteR20

Troubleshooting Website

Upcoming Projects

Website: User Guide

Website FAQ

Website Features

Feature: Streamer Friendly

Feature: Hide Default Journal Search Bar

Animated Background ✔️ 🏗️ R20Canvas.PNG

Auto Open on Initiative ✔️ 🏗️ R20TurnOrder.PNG

Automatically Ping ✔️ 🏗️ R20TurnOrder.PNG

Automatically Sort Initiative ✔️ 🏗️ R20TurnOrder.PNG

Bind Drag-n-Drop ✔️ 🏗️ R20Journal.pngR20Settings.PNG

Character Importer/Exporter ✔️ 🏗️ R20Journal.png

Character Sheet Ability Maco Generator ✔️ 🏗️ R20Canvas.PNGAvatar token.png

Config Editor ✔️ 🏗️ R20Settings.PNG

Dynamic Lighting ✔️ 🏗️ R20Canvas.PNG

Emoji Enhancement ✔️ 🏗️ R20Chat.PNG

Libre Audio ✔️ 🏗️ R20Jukebox.PNG

Manage External Art ✔️ 🏗️ R20ArtLibrary.png

Module Importer/Exporter ✔️ 🏗️ R20Settings.PNG

Paste Image from URL ✔️ ✔️ 🏗️ R20Canvas.PNGAvatar token.png

Pauper's Character Vault ✔️ 🏗️ R20Settings.PNG

Quick Layer Sidebar ✔️ 🏗️

Foreground ✔️ 🏗️

Roll & Apply Hit Dice ✔️ 🏗️

Scale Token Names by Size ✔️ 🏗️ R20Canvas.PNGAvatar token.png

Select Token ✔️ 🏗️ R20TurnOrder.PNG

SVG Draw ✔️ 🏗️ R20Settings.PNG

Temporary Import ✔️ 🏗️ R20Journal.png

Token Animator ✔️ 🏗️ Avatar token.png

Token Quantum Entangler ✔️ 🏗️ R20Canvas.PNGR20Settings.PNGAvatar token.png

Undo Queue ✔️ 🏗️ R20Jukebox.PNG

Weather ✔️ 🏗️ R20Canvas.PNG

Feature: DM Screen ✔️ 🏗️

Feature: Adventures ✔️ 🏗️

Feature: CR Calculator ✔️ 🏗️

Feature: Encounter Generator ✔️ 🏗️

Feature: Loot Generator ✔️ 🏗️

Homebrew Manager ✔️ 🏗️

Custom Art Preview ✔️ 🚧 R20ArtLibrary.png

Reassign "Represents" when duplicating 🚧

Import By Category ✔️ 🚧 R20Settings.PNG

Move Camera to Token ✔️ 🚧 R20TurnOrder.PNG

Performance Improvements ✔️ 🚧

Background Layer ✔️ 🚧

Homebrew ✔️ 🚧

Homebrew: Adventure ✔️ 🚧

Homebrew: Book ✔️ 🚧

Homebrew: Background ✔️ 🚧

Bestiary ✔️ 🚧

Homebrew: Boon ✔️ 🚧

Homebrew: Class ✔️ 🚧

Homebrew: Class Feature ✔️ 🚧

Homebrew: Condition ✔️ 🚧

Homebrew: Diety ✔️ 🚧

Homebrew: Disease ✔️ 🚧

Homebrew: Feat ✔️ 🚧

Homebrew: Hazard ✔️ 🚧

Homebrew: Item ✔️ 🚧

Homebrew: Object ✔️ 🚧

Homebrew: Optional Feature ✔️ 🚧

Homebrew: Psionic ✔️ 🚧

Homebrew: Race ✔️ 🚧

Homebrew: Reward ✔️ 🚧

Homebrew: Ship ✔️ 🚧

Homebrew: Spell ✔️ 🚧

Homebrew: Table ✔️ 🚧

Homebrew: Trap ✔️ 🚧

Homebrew: Variant Rule ✔️ 🚧

Feature: Initative Tracker Player View ✔️ 🚧

Template:Homebrew Builder(Monster) ✔️ 🚧

Template:Homebrew Builder(Spell) ✔️ 🚧

homebrew stuff




The DM Screen VTT

  • features
  • loooooooots of stuff

Categorize TEMPLATES:


  • BetteR20
    • how does: how do you filter imported items.
    • how to import custom content from someone else.
  • Support
    • Template:Supportedbrowserversion ... maybe as an info box
    • (( repetitive information )); tech support protocols
    • EACH FAQ BY FEATURE to make collecting them into a single FAQ easier.
    • [[Template:SupportScriptwillnotupdate

    • add specific configuration per webserver for 5eTools install

Install Extensions for

install Templates for wiki

  • Image Library
    • convert to webP formats

  • List what version for each feature it was introduced and meta tag for such.

Feature: Bulk 5e OGL Roll Type Setter

Feature: Character Creation Tool

Feature: Hex Grid Snapping

caching issues chrome go to settings find a site settings option go to Storage go to 5etools.com delete everything

firefox in the clear private data menu for deleting offline website data


designate wiki pages with ICON (reference / book / complex or "other")

  • 5etools
  • betteR20/r20eS
  • Foundry?

https://wiki.5e.tools/index.php/Feature:_Variant_and_Options_Rules fix image.


  • For EACH feature - make a feature summary page with a fairly consistent layout
    • Add feature ICON for rapid identification. ( product: 5eTools, BetteR20, Plutonium, etc; FEATURE area (homebrew; race; class / canvas; journal; etc)
    • Feature descriptions/overview
    • Requirements/Instructions
    • Community info
      • Known Issues
      • FAQ
      • Best practices/ resources
    • Create animated images for features


Pages, Completed

5eTools Install Guide

BetteR20 FAQ


BetteRoll20 Install

Better20 User Guide

Change Log

Feature:Night Mode

Feature: Ability Macro Generator

Feature: Adventures

Feature: Animated Background

Feature: Art Repo

Feature: Automatically Sort Initiative

Feature: BetteR20

Feature: Bulk 5e OGL Roll Type Setter

Feature: Bulk Macros

Feature: Character Importer/Exporter

Feature: Character Sheet Ability Macro Generator

Feature: Conditions & Diseases

Feature: Config Editor

Feature: Content Blacklist

Feature: Create Token From URL

Feature: Deities

Feature: Dice Roller

Feature: Disable Animations

Feature: Disable Player Drawing

Feature: Disable UI Animation

Feature: Display Current Layer on Canvas

Feature: Draw Token Layer on Tokens

Feature: Draw token Layer on Tokens

Feature: Duplicate Character Fix

Feature: Duplication Represents

Feature: Dynamic Lighting

Feature: Emoji Support

Feature: Encounter Builder

Feature: Encounter Generator

Feature: External Art tool

Feature: Filter

Feature: Fixed Text

Feature: Foreground

Feature: Hex Grid Snapping

Feature: Hide Player List

Feature: Home

Feature: Homebrew Builder

Feature: Import

Feature: Import Player

Feature: Items

Feature: Journal Cleaner

Feature: Macro Horizontal Toolbar UI

Feature: Macro Importer/Exporter

Feature: Manage Homebrew

Feature: Map Importer/Exporter

Feature: Mass Delete Pages

Feature: Module Importer/Exporter

Feature: OmniSearch

Feature: Paste Image from URL

Feature: Performance Improvements

Feature: Player Macro Importer/Exporter

Feature: Player Options

Feature: Quick Layer Sidebar

Feature: References

Feature: Remember Text Tool Settings

Feature: Renderer Demo

Feature: Ruler

Feature: Rules

Feature: SVG Drawing Tool

Feature: Scale Token Names by Size

Feature: Set Rollable Table Avatar By URL

Feature: Statgen

Feature: Table Import/Export

Feature: Table Importer

Feature: Table Importer/Exporter

Feature: Tables

Feature: Text Converter

Feature: Token Avatar URL Fixer

Feature: Token Editor

Feature: Token Quantum Entangler

Feature: Variant and Options Rules

Feature: Website Navbar

Feature: Wild Form Builder

Feature: Wild Shape Builder


Known Limitations/Problems

Known Limitations and Problems

Main Page


R20es: User Guide

Resources: 3rd Party

Resources: Browser Scripts

Roll20 Features

Support the Project

To Do List

Upcoming Projects

Website: User Guide

Website Features