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Flagged by Antivirus

5etools.com has been flagged by antivirus programs for containing questionable advertising. At worst, the danger is that you click on a sketchy betting site ad and proceed to blindly enter your credit card details, so this is safe to ignore
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POINT BUY: the point buy doesn't have hard restrictions, ie it allows you have 0 as an ability stat, or 100+ and Allows you to overspend.
This is as designed if someone is going to cheat they are going to cheat even if the tool doesn't allow you to overspend.
If the player exceeds a standard 27 point purchase, The budget's score will show a red negative number for the amount of points you exceed the standard 27 points. If your DM allows you to spend - 30 points, then you should not have a budget less than -3. (You, as the user, are left to ensure you're not cheating.)

DMs :if you are going to make going over 15 attribute limit feasible for point buy, you may wish to add costs for such - say 100 points to make it impossible for doing such. When a negative -100 shows up, people will likely understand they shouldn't go there - like above - this is designed for your customization, and as always the DM should be checking character attributes before the game starts, so any violations of their game's rules will need to be handled by them at the table.

Mobile Appearance

Mobile Devices have some UI presentation issues.
Offically, the site doesn't support Mobile at all. But of the mobile it doesn't support, it supports iOS less than Android.

Text Converter - Statblock Converter
Does not handle Lairs or Lair actions.
Work Around  : None at this time.

Scaling CR on Creatures
Spelling casting abilities being included doesn't factor into the CR scale very well, This means creatures with spell casting will have fewer or more spell slots, but their spells may still be very offensive/utility based.
Non RAW (Rules as written) Creature abilities are completely untested and so any CR changes from such are suspect.
You can grant types of armor that the creature doesn't have the required ability score to use, and enchanted Armor or magical gear are not part of the factored CR.
Non RAW (Rules as written) Creature abilities are completely untested and so any CR changes from such are suspect.
Work Around  : None. Nor is one expected. You will need to be aware of such to avoid those common problems.


Table does not trigger Dice Roller

Tables will have what appears to be a viable mathematical header column, but clicking upon the column does not generate a result inside the Dice Roller window.
This is because the Table presentation automatically reviews the first column's header for specific information (a dice roller compatible formatted entry (ie. d20, d100 or the like), or must be specifically told how to respond by the person who made the table entry for the website in their homebrew addition, or the requested command is too complicated for the Dice Roller to understand as it may include a request for information (in the example picture + level which the roller has no way of knowing.
Table nonrollable.png
Work Around :
The DM must calculate the results manually and then determine what the resulting value would be for the players. [open the Dice Roller, and generate a result and then modify the result by the required factor(s) - in the example table (see image) you would enter d100 into the dice roller and then add the character level (which the site has no way to know)].
The topic is covered in greater depth in Homebrewing tables

If the problem you are experiencing isn't listed here, please look at Troubleshooting .

Dice Roller

Firefox Limitations

The Dice Roller will not scroll up on Firefox.