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How to autoload include Homebrew Files into your local/server Install

In the root of the site locate the πŸ“‚ Homebrew folder, place the homebrew files you wish to include automatically to your site within the folder. Find the πŸ“ index.json file and open it in a simple text editor, and locate this section

"toImport": [	

Section, and add names of the homebrew files for each file inside quotes at set of quotes (including a , at the end of each file name that doesn't have another filename following it.


"toImport": [
    "Homebrew File1.json",
    "Homebrew File2.json",  
    "Homebrew File3.json"

Save the file πŸ“.

Then go to the πŸ“‚ js folder from the root. Find the file πŸ“ utils.js file and open it in a simple text editor, and search for _IS_DEPLOYED = which will have some numbers or "X.Y.Z" following. delete that line from the file.

If you'd rather - the current version of the site is v1.113.2 and you can alternatively replace "X.Y.Z" with the site version.

Save the file πŸ“.

You're good now.