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  [[File:R20esLOGO.png|center| x70px|link=https://ssstormy.github.io/roll20-enhancement-suite/contribute.html|Dontate to VTTes/R20 ☕]]  
  [[File:R20esLOGO.png|center| x70px|link=https://ssstormy.github.io/roll20-enhancement-suite/contribute.html|Dontate to VTTes/R20 ☕]]  
  [[File:5eCrawlerLogo.png|center|frameless|x70px|link=https://ko-fi.com/5ecrawler|Donate to 5eCrawler ☕]]
  [[File:5eCrawlerLogo.png|center|frameless|x70px|link=https://ko-fi.com/5ecrawler|Donate to 5eCrawler ☕]]
If you were looking for support on a specific project -- follow [[Troubleshooting |'''this link''']]

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5etools, LLC. gratefully accepts donations.

Any monies raised are used to help cover the costs associated with running the site. These costs come from renting servers, and the bandwidth they consume every month. If you are financially able, please consider making a donation to help us support those that are providing servers and bandwidth.

  - BTC: 1Mj3SWAddbwq9X8yg155Fwt6Hd73K5WQsZ
  - LTC: litecoin:MSUXsUS1DwejDvovb1NDtDsdErPF2d7Txb MSUXsUS1DwejDvovb1NDtDsdErPF2d7Txb
  - ETH: ethereum:0x8247D70C092C9834790E580655Ab1FdEe26bdeee 0x8247D70C092C9834790E580655Ab1FdEe26bdeee

Cryptocurrencies are accepted for everyone's safety.

AH! I don't know how to do Crypto!?

More than Money...

Still want to help?
... if you are a hobbyist coder or professional developer you can help with feature development, using the 5eTools data schema for your personal project(s) and sharing your work/ideas (update this wiki with your project's link, or join the Discord Community and let us know about your project so we can link to it;
by forking the [Github Source code]
just downloading the [developer code] to develop new features for the existing site;
helping community members develop non DnD5e specific versions of this site for other RPGs.

... if you are an artist or designer; you can help by envisioning the next best UI for a future release of the website or phone app, or by donating your art to the Art Repo.

... if you are someone with extra time; you can help build this Wiki; convert content into Homebrew; or help build meta-tagging elements for the Art Repo.

... if you are a DM looking to create tools for your players, you also can use the Homebrew Builder and then share and add your content to the Homebrew Repo.

... baring that, join the Discord Channel and help build the community by contributing your ideas, helping support others, learning the project, and giving feedback to focus features and development.
Found a Typo? Report them to the Discord Community's Typos Etc
Found a bug? Check Troubleshooting and then Document its reproduction steps and environment then report them in the Discord Community's <Project> Issues Channel

... if you are just someone with knowledge of other languages, you can join the translation team to help create internationalization of the project.

and last but not least, contribute and support....

Dontate to VTTes/R20 ☕
Donate to 5eCrawler ☕

If you were looking for support on a specific project -- follow this link