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====Community Developed Mods for Foundry====
====Community Developed Mods for Foundry====
:: [[FoundryTools: User Guide|Plutonium]]
:: Rivet
====Game Systems====
:'''Game Systems'''
:'''Game Systems'''
* Dungeons & Dragons
* Dungeons & Dragons

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Specific resources for most popular VTT resources

VTT Resources



Fantasy Grounds (FG)

Fantasy Grounds
Fantasy Grounds College Discord

Field Filters for All Libraries

NPC Engineer.png
Fantasy Grounds Engineer Suite
An application that will parse from sources like PDFs, D&D Beyond, CritterDB, RPG Tinker and other formats like RTF for MS Word, BBCode and HTML. It works to pull Monsters/NPCs, Spells, Tables, and Items into a native FG file.
Current release Version: 0.5.40
(release date 12 August 2019)

Engineer Suite setup.exe
Full installer. This is the recommended method.

The program comprises several modules:

NPC Engineer
  • Enable the import of NPCs from a variety of sources (PDFs, D&D Beyond, CritterDB, RPG Tinker and others);
  • Edit the imported information;
  • Parse to produce a bestiary module for Fantasy Grounds;
  • Export to a variety of formats, including RTF for MS Word, BBCode and HTML.
  • It is also possible to create NPCs from scratch, save them individually to an NPC file for later parsing, and export to a NPC file suitable for other parsers.
  • Images and tokens are handled as smoothly as possible - both are copied to the correct directory and renamed properly to make the process of building a bestiary as :::* quick and as accurate as possible.
  • The module file produced has a library section which mimics the Monster Manual, and NPCs import spell information and spell slots automatically when opened or added to the combat tracker (assuming you have the source book required open). All NPC functions are fully supported - Actions, Legendary Actions, Lair Actions, Spellcasting and so on.
  • This version also creates a reference manual section for NPCs fully automatically.

Spell Engineer
  • Enable the import of spells from a variety of sources (PDFs, D&D Beyond and others);
  • Edit the imported information;
  • Parse to produce a codex module for Fantasy Grounds;
  • Export to a variety of formats, including RTF for MS Word, BBCode and HTML.
  • It is also possible to create spells from scratch, and save them individually to a Spell file for later parsing.
  • The module file produced has a library section which mimics the Player's Handbook.

Table Engineer
  • Paste tables from Excel, Sheets, Word;
  • Edit the imported information;
  • Easily include links to other tables (or other items);
  • Make table entries rollable with a click of a button;
  • Parse to produce a module for Fantasy Grounds;
  • Import from a CSV file.
  • It is also possible to create tables from scratch, and save them individually to a table file for later parsing.

Source code can be found on Github.



VTT Enhancement Suite (aka R20ES)
Chrome - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/roll20-enhancement-suite/fadcomaehamhdhekodcpiglabcjkepff
Firefox - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/roll20-enhancement-suite/

Chrome - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tampermonkey/dhdgffkkebhmkfjojejmpbldmpobfkfo?hl=en
Firefox - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tampermonkey/

BetteR20 Script
Basic (core) - https://get.5etools.com/script/betteR20-core.user.js
Full (5eTools) - https://get.5etools.com/script/betteR20-core.user.js

Red Reign's Roll20 dark mode
Install (Tampermonkey userscript)

Bonus Material

Roll 20 Resources
Animated Backgrounds
External Art/Art REPO


Named NPCs - a collection of people's characters and backstories for people to use for their own games.
Playlist (Pulled into Manage Playtlist BetteR20 Collection)

Author: TheOneTrueDaddy BetterR20 Animation Tool Wizard

MISC https://www.reddit.com/r/Roll20/comments/atjx6j/how_to_use_voicemeeter_banana_and_discord_to_play/


Website https://ssstormy.github.io/roll20-enhancement-suite/ Features https://ssstormy.github.io/roll20-enhancement-suite/features.html Github https://github.com/SSStormy/roll20-enhancement-suite Firefox https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/roll20-enhancement-suite/ Chrome https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/roll20-enhancement-suite/fadcomaehamhdhekodcpiglabcjkepff

Buy Stormy a Coffee https://www.buymeacoffee.com/stormy

FoundryVTT Logo.png


Demo - The current Foundry VTT demo password is foundry. This password may rotate if needed to prevent abuse.

Community Developed Mods for Foundry


Game Systems

Game Systems


FVTT Enhancement Suite (dnd5e) | @Sillvva | https://github.com/sillvva/foundry-vtt-modules/tree/master/fvtt-enhancement-suite
D&D Beyond Character Importer (dnd5e) | @Sillvva | https://github.com/sillvva/foundry-vtt-modules/tree/master/ddb-importer
Roll20 NPC Importer (dnd5e) | @Felix | https://github.com/syl3r86/roll20npcimporter
Item Card Sound Effects (dnd5e) | @Mörill | https://gitlab.com/Moerill/foundryvtt-modules/tree/master/item-sounds
Dungeon Fog SVG Wall Loader | @Mörill | https://gitlab.com/Moerill/foundryvtt-modules/tree/master/svg-wall-loader
Assorted 5e Quality of Life Mods (dnd5e) | @asacolips | https://gitlab.com/asacolips-projects/foundry-mods/foundryvtt-mods
Better 5e NPC Sheet (dnd5e) | @Felix | https://github.com/syl3r86/BetterNPCSheet5e


Image Repo

Shared Audio/Video

(by Poltergeisha)

I like https://cytu.be/ better than watch2gether. It has way less ads. I actually stream radio to my players using any audio from my computer (youtube. tabletop audio, whatever) which you could do if you're interested.

I use:

https://caster.fm/ free account for streaming link
https://www.vb-audio.com/Cable/ to reroute my computer audio into input
http://www.altacast.com/to stream
https://youtube.videodeck.net/ to manage my playlists.

Dungeon (autobuilder)

Nick [Discord Nick#2947] created a random dungeon generator tool for Roll20 & Foundry that generates the dungeon and dynamic lighting.
Website https://dungen.app/

Another one here


Art Repo (search by token)
See the Art Repo for possible Tokens

Token Templates
Template 1
Template 2

How to create your own

Tokenstamp (an online tool)
Tokentool (an application)

A hack for top-down VTT tokens

use the Hero Forge mini maker, shift the 3D view to top-down and take a screenshot
a video about how to do that in GIMP. (It's in Hebrew )