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These are a list of resources and sites that use or can use the 5eTools schema or integrated tools.



Random dungeon generator that includes SVG paths for Dynamic lighting (works with Add by URL; External Art; and SVG path tool)


A mechanism for creating and converting Creatures. (works with Homebrew Builder (Monster); Import (Plutonium & BetteR20); and 5eCrawler
When you export the Creature Choose -> Export to JSON -> 5eTools format.
Likewise you can use the Export to Markdown from 5etools and CritterDB's import from Markdown to import over content.

Random Monster generator
ALMOST the 5eTool schemata, almost


A 3D virtual tabletop platform with AI as DM or DM assistant capabilities. Uses 5eTools' schema.
Link to their youtube channel: MakeDungeons

Tracked 5eTools Variants

  • For Shadowrun
  • For Call of Cthulhu
  • For Pathfinder (Starfinder/PF 1 & 2)
  • For Starwars
  • For Earthdawn



An excellent Bot; superior for lookup related to 5e content.
Invite it
Discord Server


Popular Discord Bot, now partnered with DNDBeyond


Little Dungeon Bot

Little Dungeon Bot (soon to @roll_bot by bemyak#5878 (discord))
A telegram app to build roll and do lookups for gaming


Badooga's Adventure/Book

A script to convert your adventure/Books from markdown into 5eTools JSON
Invite to your server
Source code

Lion's Den tools
by @Flore

A tool for converting 5eTools monsters to Lion's Den Fight Club 5 compatible XML files
Their Sourcecode
Pulls from the 5eTools data for monsters

D&D Beyond Scraper

Spells into 5eTools Format (works with Spells; Building Spell; and Homebrew Builder (Spells))
by Dracored
The Source code

Virtual Table Top Resources


Random dungeon generator that includes SVG paths for Dynamic lighting (works with Add by URL; External Art; and SVG path tool)

Dragon Keep v0.1.1.1

A VTT which leverages the 5eTools Schema. Built by Schnoozlecat.
Tutorial Video

Other Resources of Note


Gaming Related

The Demiplane website
Discord Group
DunGen - Random dungeon generator

DnDtome -
DND Networking app



Browser Check

Alternate Code Editors

command based file converter and editor, used by many open source scripts, like some add-ons to Audacity or concat, a Twitch VOD downloader.

Image Squisher
compress your images to a slightly more manageable size. Try to stay UNDER 20MB in size for images you post the URL for Roll20 into external art/insert token.

Image & Video & PDF Conversions

Extracts text from images (not perfect but better than typing)

Line Break Removal tool, useful when converting copied text out of pdfs into markdown

~~Orc Pub~~ Dungeon Masters Vault

The character builder at has had issues with uptime so the community used the open source code and has built a replacement, available at

It's coded in Clojure which seems to be an obscure language so if anyone is familiar with that, contact DivertedCircle#9718 on discord. However it has grown into a ... an actual vault of content. From loot tables to shopping carts/retail emulators.

Discord - for sharing Homebrew files required to make it work with non-SRD content

MageGuru's Repository

The Repository


Foundry Tools