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Apps that Use or are Based off 5eTools

Random Monster generator ALMOST the 5eTool schemata, almost;

Badooga's Adventure/Book

A script to convert your adventure/docs from markdown into 5eTools JSON
The Source code

Lion's Den tools
by @Flore

A tool for converting 5eTools monsters to Lion's Den Fight Club 5 compatible XML files
Their Sourcecode

D&D Beyond Scraper

Spells into 5eTools Format
by Dracored
The Source code



Popular Discord Bot, now partnered with DNDBeyond


Gaming Related

DND Networking app

DunGen - Random dungeon generator

DnDtome -
Discord (tell them you want them to use the 5eTool schema ;) )

Professional GMing Group


Browser Check

Alternate Code Editors


File Editor
command based file converter and editor, used by many open source scripts, like some add-ons to Audacity or concat, a Twitch VOD downloader.

Image Squisher
compress your images to a slightly more manageable size. Try to stay UNDER 20MB in size for images you post the URL for Roll20 into external art/insert token.

Image & Video & PDF Conversions

Extracts text from images (not perfect but better than typing)

Line Break Removal tool, useful when converting copied text out of pdfs into markdown

Orc Pub

The character builder at has had issues with uptime so the community used the open source code and built a replacement, available at

It's coded in Clojure which seems to be an obscure language so if anyone is familiar with that, contact DivertedCircle#9718

Discord - for sharing Homebrew files required to make it work with non-SRD content

MageGuru's Repository

The Repository