R20es Install Guide

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VTTes/R20es v1.20.00

Supported Platforms

You must use the current (non-ESR) version of one of the following browsers. If you are, click on the browser you're using

Google's Chrome


NOTE: this not supported on 5eTools/BetteR20.

Click Here

Then go get the Chrome compatibility extension, restart the browser.

then get the VTTes/R20es Extension for Chrome and Opera.


Visit the Roll20 Website.

If this is the first time you've installed the extension a popup notification will appear to begin familiarizing you with the extension and its features.

Otherwise, you'll see a notification in the chat dialog box like what is pictured on the right side of this page.

If you see that then the extension has loaded correctly.

If you do not, you'll want to visit the Troubleshooting Guide for R20es.

How to update the code


The extension will update itself as Stormy updates the code automatically.

You'll receive a notification pop up

You will, however, from time to time want to uninstall and reinstall the extension for troubleshooting problems with errors in Roll20 that occur.

Manual Update

How to Uninstall the Extension

In Chrome.

Right mouse click the icon for R20es
Choose "Remove from Chrome"
Close browser then reopen and proceed with the installation process outlined above.

In Firefox

Hit Ctrl + Shift + A or click on the hamburger click Add-ons
Find the VTT Enhancement Suite (below)
Choose "Remove"
Close browser then reopen and proceed with the installation process outlined above.

PLEASE NOTE: Roll20 Enhancement Suite (aka VTT es/ R20es), is not part of BetteR20 or 5eTools. However; as BetteR20 installation is enhanced/simplified by already having VTT es/R20es installed, this Wiki covers its content to (HOPEFULLY) prevent BetteR20 users from requesting help on BetteR20 issues on the VTTes/R20es Discord server or other platforms (Reddit/Roll20.net Forum, etc).