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Welcome to the 5eTools Wiki
This wiki attempts to give an overview for users to
support and edjucate themselves over the features
of the projects and how to best use them.

Projects Covered

5eTools (currently v1.106.13)
is a suite of browser-based tools for players and DMs of D&D 5e. You can download the entire project from to run a local (offline) copy. You can use the 5etools website and you can enhance your Roll20 experience with its companion script's features.

BetteR20 (currently v1.17.00)
is a Tampermonkey Script that modifies the Roll20 game's client. Enhancing and expanding the features and functions of the core game.

R20es (currently v1.15.26)
is an extension for either Firefox, or the Chrome browser. While R20es is not part of 5eTools, because of the dependency upon R20es, this wiki will cover some R20es features.

Homebrew is a guide to converting content into the 5eTools format for use on the website, or thru BetteR20's and Plutonium Tools' importing features.

PlutoniumTools (currently Template:FoundryToolversion)
is a beta module for use with FoundryVTT roleplaying Virtual Table Top system.
The module currently is in flux but will provide a means to take existing Roll20 campaign content and make it usable inside of FoundryVTT. Future efforts will include other specific features related to 5eTools website's features and data.

5eCrawler (currently v1.6.3)
is a bot for discord. 5eCrawler is not part of 5eTools, but because of its usefullness in discord its being mentioned as part of series of tools for playing 5e online. This wiki will cover some 5eCrawler's features.

Please do not post links to or screenshots of the product(s) in public forums such on sites such as : 
Reddit, 4chan, Twitter, Roll20, D&D Beyond, Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, etc.
Do not post about such in the Foundry/Forge or Roll20 Discord Channels
Do what you can to remove trace elements from streams of your games.

Word of mouth only, if you please.

What's New!

New Features!

List of Current Features

Most Recent Changes (The Change Log)

Development Pipeline

Support / FAQ

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Known Issues
5eTools | BetteR20

Current Documentation reflects

5eTools v1.106.13
Plutoniumv1.4.0 | Rivet v0.1.3
BetteR20 v1.17.00 | R20ES v1.15.26
5eCrawler v1.6.3
Homebrew v1.1.0

What's left to do on this wiki