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🍺Building an object

Objects, in 5eTools are devices and at times vehicles which don't fall within the normal confines of items, or weapons - they are usually siege weapons, but they can certainly be other things as wel .

An Example:

The _Meta is normally included in a full JSON, for this example it has been removed. See the link for how to develop the _meta.

	"object": [
			"name": "High Explosives",
			"size": "S",
			"objectType": "SW",
			"source": "json_in_meta",
			"ac": "15",
			"hp": "3",
			"immune": [
			"entries": [
				"Extremely volatile and terrifyingly dangerous, high explosives combine magic and chemicals in a tightly-sealed container, designed to be directly planted by unlucky operatives. Trigger mechanisms vary, from remote detonation by magical command, to small constructs carrying flames, to simply throwing fireballs at the rough area the explosives were planted.",
				"When detonated, any creature or object within a 25 foot radius of the explosive must make a Dexterity saving throw. A target takes 12d6 force damage plus 6d6 fire damage on a failed save, or half as much on a successful one. In addition, any other high explosives in the radius are detonated.",
				"Due to the inherent instability of such a potent weapon crammed into a tiny package (often using the least expensive resources available), any heavy impact is often enough to set the explosives off, includes dropping the explosives or hitting them as part of an attack. At the DMs discretion, a d6 should be rolled. On an even result, the explosive does not react to the impact, and may even be rendered useless, if the impact was from an attack. On an odd result, the explosive detonates."
Learn More
In the example; <description_of_results/fields>

Field List (Sources)

If you do not include the required fields (denoted with bold text) the JSON may pass JSONLint but will fail upon stitch.

Field Name Data Type Description Required
name String descript boolean
source String json (_meta's json value) True
page Integer The Page number it apepars upon False
size String title True
type String Type of Object:
Siege Weapon SW, Generic GEN, Unknown U
str Integer descript False
dex Integer descript False
con Integer descript False
int Integer descript False
wis Integer descript False
cha Integer descript False
ac Strings descript True
hp Strings descript True
[[HomebrewUTIL: speed| speed False
senses Array of Strings descript False
immune String descript True
resist String descript False
vulnerable String descript False
entries Array of Strings Other Names False
actionEntries Array of Strings Other Names False
tokenURL String URL for the Token of the object False
srd Boolean If its part of the SRD False

πŸ—„οΈ Reference Files:
πŸ›’οΈ Requirements Specs (Schemata)
[[ |🧾 Blank Template]]
πŸ“– Sample JSON
πŸ’Ύ No Functional Examples currently exist
πŸ“š Repository of Other Examples

Reference Tag: (how to link to entries within the "entries":)


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