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Building a hazard

Basic skeleton

To start, copy the following code block and fill the empty "" values.

Hazard code block
"hazard": [
        "name": "",
        "source": "",
        "page": 0,
        "entries": [
        "trapHazType": "HAZ"
  • "name" — the name of the hazard.
  • "source" — make sure it is the same as the "json" key in the _meta.
  • "page" — page of the document the hazard appears at (leave at 0 if not applicable).
  • "entries" — consists of text strings ("") separated by commas.
  • "trapHazType" — to see the different types of hazards, see below:

trapHazType Value


"WTH" Weather Sandstorm; Hurricanes
"ENV" Enviromental Lava Pool; Acid Vents
"WLD" Wilderness Threat Desecrated ground; quicksand
"GEN" Generic Threat Improved damage
"HAZ" Hazard

Reference Tag

How to link to entries within the "entries":

{@hazard <name_of_hazard> | <json_source> | <option_display_text> }
{@hazard russet mold|vgm}
{@hazard russet mold|vgm|and optional link text added with another pipe}

Field List Sources

If you do not include the required fields (denoted with bold text) the JSON may pass JSONLint but will fail upon stitch.

Field Name Data Type Description Required
trapHazType String "MECH" or "MAG" True
source String json (_meta's json value) True
page Integer page number it appears upon False
entries Array of Strings description of trap & its functions True

🗄️ Reference Files:
🛢️Requirements Specs (Schemata)
[[ |🧾 Blank Template]]
📖 Sample JSON
💾 No Functional Examples exist
📚 Repository of Other Examples

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