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An Example:

The _Meta is normally included in a full JSON, for this example it has been removed. See the link for how to develop the _meta.

	"deity": [
			"name": "The Hunger",
			"alignment": [
			"title": "It of Atrophy",
			"pantheon": "Outsider",
			"symbol": "Grey points on a black field",
			"source": "json_in_meta",
			"customProperties": {
				"Domains": "(This overrides the display text for domains, and can include {@i @tags}. The main \"domain\" property is used for list sorting and filtering, so should contain plain text only.)",
				"Typical Worshipers": "Creatures who spend {@dice 1d6} days in the presence of the metaphysical influence exuded by the Outsider"
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In the example; ; the "deity" is defined. The first entry in the deity array name is defined as "The Hunger". Its alignment is defined in the alignment array. The deities title is then define. Then the panteon is defined to be "Outsider". The deity's symbol gets defined within _Meta.
customProperties is a bit more complicated. In this used solely in homebrew, the example defines the Domains and Typical Worshipers;

Field List (Sources)

Field Name Data Type Description Required
name String The Proper Name True
reprintAlias String Other Names it has appeared as True
alignment Array of Strings Alignment True
title String title False
pantheon String The culture it is associated with True
symbol String The Icon associated with the diety
their holy symbol
customProperties Object Complicated see Learn More boolean
page Integer The Page number it apepars upon False
additionalsources Array of Objects other locations it appears within False
source String json (_meta's json value) True
entries Array of Strings Other Names False
altNames Array of Strings Other Names False
symbolImg String (URL) URL for its Image/Symbol False

πŸ—„οΈ Reference Files:
πŸ›’οΈ Requirements Specs (Schemata)
[[ |🧾 Blank Template]]
|πŸ“– Sample JSON
πŸ’Ύ Functional Example
πŸ“š Repository of Other Examples

Reference Tag: (how to link to entries within the "entries":)
{@deity <name_of_deity>|<optional_text_information>|<json_source>}

{@deity The Hunger|the high almighty|json_in_meta} 
{@deity Gond|dmg}

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