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Foundry is an up-and-coming VTT created by a passionate and communicative development team (of one), which 5etools highly recommends as a modern alternative to Roll20. Our Foundry module, Plutonium, is currently available for beta testing to Patrons, and will be made publicly accessible some time after Foundry (itself in Beta) is released. An overview of the features available can be found below. To those familiar with our now-deprecated Roll20 script, betteR20, we aim to expand on the feature set provided therein, while improving the user experience.


The module can import the following data to either the journal or directly to character/NPC sheets:


  • Classes and Subclasses
  • Creatures (to the journal only)
  • Feats
  • Items
  • Optional & Variant Rules (to the journal only)
  • Psionics
  • Races
  • Spells
  • Tables (to the journal only)

Importing Creatures to the Journal

Importing Spells to a Character Sheet