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The BetteR20 script is a piece of code that the tampermonkey extension uses to to modify the local session of Roll20's platform. While some of the script's abilities will seem to change Roll20, it more works as an interpreter changing what you see or it works behind the scenes taking actions as if you yourself had taken various steps. 

If you are updating your installation or having issues updating; please see BetteR20 Update
Otherwise, please continue

Getting Started

Checking your system

Are you using FireFox or Chrome? If so, are you using the most current release version? if not, please address that.
If you'd like you can check out this video but StreamerVsChat
The current version is v1.21.0 or better; this image does not show the current version.

1) You must have either Chrome or Firefox as the browser.
You cannot use Waterfox, or Chrome for Opera, Internet Explorer, etc.
2) The Install must be the most current version of either.
3) You must install Install R20ES
4) You must Install TamperMonkey  (for Chrome / Firefox ) on your browser
5) The Script(s)
BetteR20 comes in two "flavors", Better20 core and Better20 5eTools which you get by going to Get.5e.Tools
  • Choose which of the scripts you'll be using
  • Core (General UI features - not specific to DnD 5e games)
  • 5eTools (Which already includes core and includes a set of DnD5e (5eTools) specific features) -REQUIRES DnD5e

Please note: if you get a prompt to accept a download or instead get directed to a page of text (code), your ISP/Cache will need to be "busted" - see What to do if your script will not update on how to overcome that. (Scroll down)

  • If you install both - ensure only one BetteR20 script is enabled. (You may install both. It's not suggested, and you may only have one active).
  • Click on either BetteR20 Core or BetteR20 5eTools at the Get.5e.Tools  site.(versions will likely be different on the live site)

If things are set up correctly, you should get a screen like this:
(for new installs)
Tampermonkey scriptINSTALL.png
(for attempting to update via file link after installation the script, unless modified, or prevented by the user, should automatically update)
Forced Update

In the tampermonkey dashboard you should see a listing for the for the script you've chosen with the enabled toggle next to as green (ie enabled)

Please note: if you do not get either page, and instead get a prompt to accept a download or get directed to a page of text (code), your ISP/Cache will need to be "busted" - see What to do if your script will not update on how to overcome that

  • Head over to Roll20, enter a game of your choice, and test if its working properly. If it is you'll see a message like this in the chat window.
PLEASE NOTE: The Versions of TamperMonkey and the script will have updated since the photo was captured, Tampermonkey will NO LONGER automatically update as new versions become available, it will, however, notify you that you are not using the most current release.
Now is a great time to...Give Thanks.

IF however your script is not working
please see the steps below.....

What to do if your script will not update or install

Ok, if you're here you've already installed or you are getting an error when you attempt to update the script you're getting an error or are being prompted to download a file (see image)


(All of the following assume that you've not modified the default Tampermonkey settings. In Chrome - To Make sure that when you click on a link it works please do the following

Go into Chrome -> More Tools -> Extensions, then in the Tampermonkey section -> Details and under Site Access, click "On All Sites".
No instructions for FireFox on this step - proceed to step 1.

1️⃣ Confirm you have the latest version of (non beta) tampermonkey and are not using a different script manager (Greasemonkey; stylish or the like)

2️⃣ Confirm you have the lastest of either FF or Chrome browsers (all other browsers, waterfox, opera, etc etc are not supported) and if not update your browser.

3️⃣ Please Confirm ..

You have VTTes installed and its enabled (if not, please install R20es.
You are either using only one instance of the Better20 script at a time. (deleting others version you are not using), OR have NO Script installed.
You have assigned a character sheet template in the Roll20 game's Settings (on Roll20's website) under Settings -> Game Settings -> under Character Sheet Template, if you do not, you'll get an error in the console (and likely the Chat) saying Character Sheet is not defined.

4️⃣ Go to or (if wanting to use BetteR20 5eTools (for use with DnD 5e)) https://5e.Tools (see picture) and follow this | link

Where to download.gif

or go to the community discord and type !b20 into the #BetteR20 Issues channel and follow the guidance that results
did either of those work? (ie can you install the script? (see installation notes above)
if so. go no further, if not...

5️⃣Go to https://get.5e.Tools

does that work? (can you install the script? (see installation notes above)
if so. go no further, if not...

6️⃣ CTRL + F5


7️⃣ copy this
paste it to the address bar in your browser, AND' add to that something random -ie an alphanumerical keyboard mash (example: `232qv5q3asdhiou9ajl34aadgaeae43avasdfasfak` or `Mrt00tsbutt5`) at the end of that address (after the ?v=) to cache bust the ISP/CDN's stored information. It should be long enough to think your mash is unique from the several thousand possible users before you (7 or more characters at least).
does that work? (can you install the script? (see notes above))
if so. go no further,
if not...

8️⃣ Delete the script from tampermonkey's dashboard and try again from step 1 (ignoring this step on the second pass)

does that work? (can you install the script? (see notes above)
if so. go no further, if not try manually updating the script

Manually Updating the Script

This can be a bit technical for the unfamiliar. For this you will need a simple text editor. A simple text editor (such as Windows Notepad) will not offer to format text (no bold, italics, Colors, or even fonts).

1) If prompted to download the .js script, note the file name (often betteR20-<either core/5etools>-user.js, and then open it in a simple text editor

2) If the browser just shows the code.

Check to make sure Tampermonkey is installed, enabled and current.
If Chrome, make sure that in Chrome
> More Tools
> Extensions, then under
> Tampermonkey
> find the Details and under Site Access,
> click "On All Sites"

3) Copy the code presented to the browser into a simple text editor.

4) Open Tampermonkey's Dashboard

right click tampermonkey,
choose dashboard

5) Click the plus sign tab which will open the <New Userscript> Editor.

6) In the prepopulated script code in the editor. click at the end of

 // Your code here...
Paste the code into tampermonkey's editor.
Then Click on and change
// @name         New Userscript 
replacing New Userscript to betteR20- and then either core if your not using 5e/5eTools data, or 5etools if using the full tools. (ie
// @name         betteR20-core
// @name         betteR20-5eTools
Then Under File, -> Save

If that didn't work, you'll want to joing the Discord server and post in the #BetteR20 Issues channel that you've tried everything here, and please include the following phrase to denote that you have. Legend... wait for it ...ary

If its installed, but not working...

Head over to BetteR20 Troubleshooting

Now you may wish to familiarize yourself with:

Better20 Script's Features

VTT es Extension's Features

Roll20 (only better) FAQ