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Short Introduction

5eCrawler is an in-development project, having forked from Avrae before D&D Beyond took over. It is part a suite of such tools DiscordCrawler, PokemonCrawler, and GithubCrawler.
All of these are Discord bots. If you are not familiar with Discord, it is, effectively a chat client with some voice and screen sharing services, and has rapidly become the most popular platform for Gaming, both for console gaming online and for Tabletop/Virtual tabletops.

Where to start...

You're likely here because you've not used it and would like to get it as part of your Discord Server.
So, for that let's directly link to where you likely want to go...

Inviting 5eCrawler

You can easily invite the 5eCrawler bot to your own server by following link!
Regarding Discord Rights
When invited, 5eCrawler will request five permissions which it will be assigned by default. Of the five permissions that it requests, four are optional and the last is mandatory for optimal usage of the bot.
If the mandatory permission is not allowed and one of the bot's commands are issued/requested, it will attempt to take the action and will leave the server if not able process the command. If added again and its needed rights are not provided, it will eventually block the server and you will not be able to add it again in the future. You have been warned.

  • Manage Messages - this allows the bot to remove messages from other users.
  • Manage Webhooks - there are two ways for the quote command to function: one where it will use a webhook to give a reply as the person who quoted the message, or one where it will just reply in text as the bot.
  • Attach Files - some commands or replies will let the bot attach images/files and without this permission it will not be able to do so.
  • Add Reactions - for the Anon/Delivery the bot requires to be able to add reactions to messages that are sent.
  • Read History - for some things to work (Manage Messages, Add Reactions), the bot requires the ability to read the history of the channel. If it lacks this permission but has the "Add Reactions" permission, it will pelt you with a 'Permission not found.' message.


The 5eCrawler is a separate project from 5eTools, and arose when Avrae's developer (Andrew Zhu), was hired to work with D&D Beyond. TheZhu did an INCREDIBLE job with his project.
The developer of 5eCrawler has removed some features (character sheets;Play by post battle management) and reworked and rewritten the parser and dataset. Making 5eCrawler the most accurate means to look up 5e data within Discord, and has expanded its dataset to include many more categories to its lookup. It is also SRD-compliant.


There is currently no means to get the code. When it is officially released, there will be a public Github.


The bot draws upon a number of resources, and RAW (Rules as Written / Official) SRD content is what it references.

A Secret


You should visit the 5eTools discord server and talk about your experiences with 5eCrawler...