Troubleshooting BetteR20

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If you are experiencing a problem with the BetteR20 script this page will help walk you through how to get back on track.

Please follow the following steps to confirm the problem is not on your end before reporting an issue.


The support for 5eTools BetteR20 is largely community driven, and you're going to get mixed results on responses -- perhaps even no response -- so its best to make sure you've done what you can for yourself.

Thankfully (and regretfully) most of the problems really are solved by these steps.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Are you working outside of the supported environment?
  2. Have you installed R20ES ?  (Chrome / Firefox )
  3. Have you confirmed the problem persists after a Forced Refresh (Ctrl + F5)?
  4. Does disabling or modifying the settings of any relevant browser extension or app affect the problem?
  5. Have you checked to see if another browser on your machine works?
  6. Have you checked the FAQ or support page for the relevant feature(s) to see if there are any workarounds or guidances/know limitations?

If your answers to these questions are all no, then the problem is most likely on your client side. It does happen, and while you certainly can help - what would be most helpful is sharing what you wind up doing to get it to work in the comment section for the feature(s) impacted, or below.

Reporting a Bug

Follow these steps when reporting a bug:

1. Try to figure out how to reproduce the bug; in other words, determine the conditions that must be met for the bug to be triggered. Reproduction of a bug is necessary for determining the source of the bug and creating a fix for it. If you know how to reproduce the bug, tell us in the bug report.

2. Tell us if the bug is browser specific. Similar to the previous step, knowing if a bug is browser-specific is a clue telling us what exactly causes it.

3. Open the browser console (Ctrl + Shift + J).

Errors in Console.png

If there any errors (as shown in the sample image to the right), send a screenshot of them in your bug report.

4. Especially if reproduction is difficult, include screenshots or even video recordings of the bug in action. More information is always better, and visuals can potentially provide information that is essential in the solution-making process.