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Reporting and Error with an existing Homebrew

First, identify the homebrew file you suspect of an error - you can find this with the tool tip popup when moussing over its Abbreviation, or through checking in Homebrew Manager's will identify the specific homebrew.
From there either locate the homebrew on the homebrew repo; on the Tracking sheet; and find who it was converted by.
Tag them in the #Brew Conversion channel on the 5eTools discord and state the nature of the problem you are experiencing, or why you think there is an issue within the homebrew.
NOTE: Changes in homebrews are volunteer work only, so the will be reviewed and fixed as time allows.

Requesting a homebrew be converted

First, search in Community Discord's #brew-tracker channel to check if it has already been suggested. If so, vote for it (or against it) by reacting to the relevant post.

You can be notified when a brew is finished by posting !subscribe BREW-<number> in the #bot commands channel

If it has not, fill out the template below and post it in this channel. If you do not follow the template, the bot will not pick it up; it needs to start with Feature Request:
PLEASE NOTE: If the homebrew has spells or monsters, you can use

5eTools homebrew builder to make it yourself or for monsters; spells; tables; or items 5eTools converter if you can do and provide some of that work its much more likely to be prioritized.

__THE FORM__ (cut, paste, and fill out)
**Feature Request:** Title and author/publisher of the brew, e.g. 'Jeremy Crawford - Player's Handbook (2014)'

**Link:** Include a link to the source material here. 

**Extra Information:** Add any other notes you like, such as a brief description of the brew and what it 

type of content it contains, the number of pages, or oddities like "it uses dice to determine random spell durations ie lasts 3d6 turns" .

REQUESTING HELP with a Homebrew you are converting

TL;DR - provide the file; ask specific pointed questions.
Where you can ask __focused questions.__ about the issue.
AVOID things like
 "How to do I make this work?" 
 "It doesn't work, any ideas"

and instead do things like

 "I'm attempting to map <features> on a new hombrew class. I've been looking at Bloodhunter here <include link>* and saw it does <x> and here is what I've done 

```< snippet of code > or better yet, the JSON in process with the lines in question referenced in the post``` Then the... > what am I missing/doing wrong?" (* Please remember #rules 7)

You'll get better response and It'll help us know at what level we can respond.
VAGUE questions are problems and don't get responses to them because people often don't want to do 20 questions or engage that long to get to the point where help can start, but a volunteer then has to move on IRL to other matters and cannot finish helping, and then nobody else wants to step on their toes.