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#REDIRECT pagename
place on pages for indexing
  • importing
  • homebrew
removes the TOC on pages

FAQ -> link in each feature to the project's main FAQ

same for Known Issues

framless framless framless framless framless framless

Content Pattern Templates

(like the the kind you fill out - ie copy past this into new pages of the appropriate type; style sheets or whatever you want to call them)

for each page ... final polish

Feature Pages
  • For EACH feature - make a feature summary page conforms with its base feature template's layout
    • A Product Logo and Version - FREEZE the version for discontinued/abandoned features.
    • Create animated images atop the page for most features
    • confirm a feature category ICON for rapid identification. ( product: 5eTools, BetteR20, Plutonium, etc; FEATURE area (homebrew; race; class / canvas; journal; etc)
    • Feature descriptions/overview
    • Requirements/Instructions
    • Community info
      • Known Issues
      • FAQ
      • Best practices/ resources
    • Add the Version that the feature was added to the project
    • Add Categories [ [Category:Name ] ] where Category is ; 5eTools; BetteR20; VTTes; R20es; Support; Homebrew; Foundry; Plutonium; Rivet;
FAQ Pages
  • FAQ- FAQs should reference the templates from the features' whenever possible
    • A Product Logo and Version - FREEZE the version for discontinued/abandoned features.
    • Notification of where to find installation guide/user guide atop the page along with suggestion to search via CTRL F5
    • Each Templated Feature Entry formated in a similiar manner; with some hand coded additional entries from discord channel (look for #Addtowiki tags)



  • Page
    • What needs to be done

FIX all headers to remove all non alphanumeric characters (excluding spaces)

  1. addtowiki tags from chat

REVIEW each feature page for FAQs. convert to FAQ sheets. SIDEBAR - rename to Roll20 - b20 & VTTes under that

Foundry Plutonium (unfinished)
  • Overview page and import overview (mirror the other import and link to config Editor)
  • Needs updated images and inclusion of tile / config edit settings links
  • Polymorph walkthrough Tutorial for
  • Docker image installation note
  • Template: Import Filter Template
  • Character Creation walkthrough

  • The DM Screen VTT
  • features
Save State/backup how to
Feature: Quick Find
make intro image/define function and use
Troubleshooting: Feature: Conditions & Diseases
Troubleshooting Website
Website FAQ
  • more examples (tutorial?)
Feature: Emoji Support
  • finish listing images for the remaining emojis
Feature: Foreground
  • put into the new template and update the gif
build out the content/text with instructions for use/ give a better name for the feature? perhaps start a category for macro features
Troubleshooting BetteR20
  • rework the wording
graphic comparing before/after of such

Work Around:
workaround text



Create the content (templates)

DM Screen import add this to site

Import overview page

APPLY Categories and create category pages;

  • GM
  • Player
  • Feature
  • BetteR20
  • Roll20
  • VTTes/R20es
  • Foundry
  • Discord
  • Plutonium
  • Rivet
  • 5eTools
  • Homebrew
  • User Guide
  • FAQ
  • Troubleshooting
  • Tutorial
  • Support

the range filters have their own funny format: {@filter your text here|spells|duration=[&10 minutes;&24+ hours]} square brackets around; the "&" signifies that it's a label for the thing to go look up, instead of a numerical index (you could instead use e.g. [0;2] to refer to "instant-1 minute")

Was wondering if there was some way to use multiple search terms at once to further narrow down results when importing things. A couple examples would be limiting the spell list to cleric 1st-level spells, or items to simple ranged weapons. I can't seem to figure out how to use more than one search term at a time in the Roll20 setup.

Double check information


WIKI WORK (as a site)

Install Extensions for

install Templates for wiki

Pages, Completed