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Transmogrifier is broke (Chrome) (sometimesβ„’)

Possible workaround:

Open/close the transmog window a couple of times

Libre audio tracks might not play for users who join the session as the track is playing.

Stop the track and have people who cannot hear it reload the page. Once they have loaded back in, start the track.

Token editor bar attribute search box doesn't work on popup character sheets

Using Dynamic lighting + AFOW + Animated backgrounds leads to unexpected results

Players can define sight

Players are able to modify their token's light/vision settings, giving themselves darkvision or better vision than they should have potentially.
Work Around:
This is as designed. If your players modify their visual settings/light-emitting, their field of vision will change on the map. Monitor such and make sure they are not cheating and address such directly.

Doesn't work without an Avatar

To have an icon for the enable/disable, there needs to be an avatar. As such the Hide Player List feature, if enabled will have to be disabled first to modify a Player's ability to draw.