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  • "I don't see any worlds to download!" - The files have been pulled (removed from the public) for maintenance. Please wait (or assist!) for them to be made for the newest versions of Foundry. (when will they be ready?? Don't ask. Seriously.)
  • You cannot modify or replace main.js on the Forge hosting platform for Foundry, therefore Art Repo will not completely function on that system.

The sections below follow the structure of [Inciting Module] [Reason as to why it is advised against]

Incompatible Modules

Redundant Modules


  • Multiattack - doesn't always pick up the attacks; and if does it may roll for both the ranged and melee options (depending upon the "multiattack" feature)
  • EmbedURL - if enabled, you will have to open the document TWICE, once will show the image, upon clicking text it will likely close, and you'll have to AGAIN open the document.

Actor based import giving errors for players

When a player (limited rights) user attempts to the use the Import feature form the actor's heading/bar. An error message may arise.
This is a confirmed bug/known issue and Giddy will fix it.

World/Packages/Module import

When importing, there is no progress bar or notification of successful download / installation.