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  • Plutonium does not import modules/Adventures with scenes
  • Importing homebrew through files and/or web URLs causes the selection menu to not show or when importing, all entries to be imported having an error and not being added to the game.
  • You cannot modify or replace main.js on the Forge hosting platform for Foundry, therefore Art Repo will not completely function on that system.

Currently the following Modules generate errors or cause usability issues if installed and active concurrently with Plutonium.
Plutonium features cause conflicts or are redundant with the follow modules:
Beyond20 (naming the tab breaks Beyond20)
Mytab (redundant feature)
Search Anywhere (Plutonium compendia have been an issue in the past, the developer fixed that, but it happened since then, so ... probably don't rely upon it while using Plutonium.)
Obsidian Sheets (compatibility issue)
These Modules mirror or essentially create the same functionality so their use may create conflict or may be redudant, unneeded, periphrastic, saying or doing the same thing more than once, repetitive, palaverous, pleonastic, some might say even tautological.
Import/Reference content
- Importing: Conditions - Conditions5e
- Importing - DnD Beyond Importer (unless you have homebrew/custom items on D&D Beyond)
- Media/Art Browser - Drag Upload (Get Over Here!) - This is an interaction issue, the click drag from art repo triggers Drag Upload's feature and creates an unwanted link to the source.

Redundant Module Features
- Browser Tab Name - myTab
- Sheet Popout Button - PopOut!
- Metric Converter - Metric System
- Bulk Permission Editor - Batch Permission By Folder