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Plutonium Addon-Module
Rivet Extension
Community Enhanced Adventures



This is a module (mod) for Foundry VTT that extends the 5eToolset use into FoundryVTT.

Please note Plutonium is supported only on the stable release candidate. If you are using ALPHA or BETA channel releases, you are outside of the supported environment. I KNOW that Foundry already specifically states that about the module already... but you'd be surprised how often people just do not read. Luckily you did. So... you'll not be the subject of snark.

  • "I don't see any worlds to download!" - The files have been pulled (removed from the public) for maintenance. Please wait (or assist!) for them to be made for the newest versions of Foundry.
  • FIXED IN v1.16.3 - Non-GM users have problems importing data into character sheets, even with owned permissions.
  • You cannot modify or replace main.js on the Forge hosting platform for Foundry, therefore Art Repo will not completely function on that system.

Currently the following Modules generate errors or cause usability issues if installed and active concurrently with Plutonium.
Plutonium features cause conflicts or are redundant with the follow modules:
Beyond2 (naming the tab breaks Beyond20)
Mytab (redundant feature)
These Modules mirror or essentially create the same functionality so their use may create conflict or may be redudant, unneeded, periphrastic, saying or doing the same thing more than once, repetitive, palaverous, pleonastic, some might say even tautological.
Import/Reference content
- Importing: Conditions - Conditions5e
- Importing - DnD Beyond Importer (unless you have homebrew/custom items on D&D Beyond)
- Media/Art Browser - Drag Upload (Get Over Here!) - This is an interaction issue, the click drag from art repo triggers Drag Upload's feature and creates an unwanted link to the source.

Redundant Module Features
- Browser Tab Name - myTab
- Sheet Popout Button - PopOut!
- Metric Converter - Metric System
- Bulk Permission Editor - Batch Permission By Folder


  • Multiattack - doesn't always pick up the attacks; and if does it may roll for both the ranged and melee options (depending upon the "multiattack" feature)
  • EmbedURL - if enabled, you will have to open the document TWICE, once will show the image, upon clicking text it will likely close, and you'll have to AGAIN open the document.

Actor based import giving errors for players

When a player (limited rights) user attempts to the use the Import feature form the actor's heading/bar. An error message may arise.
This is a confirmed bug/known issue and Giddy will fix it.

World/Packages/Module import

When importing, there is no progress bar or notification of successful download / installation.


This is a browser extension for Foundry VTT that extend's the 5eToolset and function into Foundry

The 5eTools webpage must be opened in the same browser that is being used for the Foundry client

The following error appears in extension manager

   "browser_specific_settings": {
       "gecko": {
           "id": "[email protected]"


These are community created content shared with the community building upon what people already legally own, but have enhanced for use inside foundry. If you do not legally possess a copy of the adventure - do not use them, that is illegal. Go buy it/them.

Known Issues

Enough complaints from people's failure to read that it became more troublesome to retain the feature than just remove it and eliminate the support requests


  • Auto-dependencies check for modules Errors on Token HUD wildcard, Card Support and LibWrapper (This SHOULD be solved in final Foundry Core0.7.5 (November))
  • Dancing Lights deprecated for 0.7.3+
  • NPC/Creatures Spells slots at 0
  • NPC missing resistances,
  • NPCs names show when under disguise
  • Teleport location errors (replacing with Multi-level Tokens to fix this)
  • WDMM-community - reduce wall segments; Middle Skullport
  • Scale issues for wdmm (10ft squares vs 5ft)
  • Some Listings for the worlds/modules do not connect with 5eTools core naming. (Fixed, awaiting deployment)
  • Some games are not working or are dying during download
  • Some modules have paths pointing assets to WORLDS directory. (please go ahead and register those each so QA on next release double checks them)

Not completely compatible with CORE 0.7.x or DnD5e >0.96

  • DDEX1-02
world / module json "url": "ο»Ώ https://www.dmsguild.com/product/170405/DDEX102-Secrets-of-Sokol-Keep-5e",
found an additional space in the URL
which was causing the issue trim() request made for Foundry core. (Sent to Foundry)
  • DIP
Missing tokens and other essentials bundled in
  • COS
Missing Tarroka deck
Module points to /Worlds/
actor images linked to wrong URL
Module points to /Worlds/
Verbeeg Longstrinder replaced but token not replaced on scene(s) https://imgur.com/a/eA5jNK3
Error in description of Multiattack for many actors
  • TMAA
Module links need to be structured Imported as module, all image links point to data/world/tmaa folder when scenes are imported into existing world from the journal, but all images are actually in data/modules/tmaa so all links are broken. Run under Foundry 0.6.6, DnD5e 0.96, Plutonium 1.8.0.
  • TOA
Several secret doors in the Tomb of the Nine Gods are incorrectly converted as regular doors. These issues are present in levels 1 and 3 of the tomb.
  • WDMM
Map Scale is off.
  • WDMM-ce
incomplete Stardock; Skullport incomplete
Map Scale is off.