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These are LIMITATIONS; if you're having a general use questions - make sure to check out the FAQ or Page for the specific feature.

Dynamic Lighting (Legacy or Updated)

This feature is currently not really working and there is currently no likelihood that it will be fixed.
Tokens cannot see each other, or cannot emit light, dimlighting control isn't active, and several other issues.
For all intents and purposes, this feature is broken.

(we don't actually have many good reports on this, but lacking a good/valid report - better to call it broken in general until something substantial is presented and hopefully someone will give better data.)


This feature appears to be broken. It has been reported, but no ETA for a fix (or even if it will be fixed) has been discussed.


Unless players are using the script, the players cannot This is one of the features that doesn't work unless the players are running the script.
Work Around:
have the players run the script; or upgrade to a paid subscription
Or get Foundry. It works.

Where is the dynamic Lighting and tokens for the maps?

You're likely wanting to use the Module Importer/Exporter. As the page says, Import by Category Adventure; is a bit dated.

Why are my spells only showing blank cards/boxes?

This is a known issue, you will need to go in and edit the spell card; often just re-saving will solve that issue, but you may need to define the card as an attack.

Token Lock allows users to move with Arrow Keys

When you enable Token Locking, while users cannot move the token with their mouse. Keypad still allows movement.
Work Around  : None. This is known issue and will not solved.

My Drawing Tools/Character Macros are gone!

The Macro Horizontal Toolbar UI element includes the buttons from Character Sheet macros and details for the Vertical tool bar UI element (such as drawing). If you have to delete your configuration file if it becomes corrupt, and even on some upgrades for BetteR20, the stored value for this drops to 0, which means those elements appear to "gone", until you mouse over their area. When you mouse over the area, the UI element appears. What causes the corruption/loss of that configuration is unknown, however; see the workaround for a solution for such.
Work Around:
If you lose sight of the Macro toolbar, check the Config Editor's interface tab and make sure it's not set to 0.00.

Homebrew Incompatibility

Attempting to upload a 5eTools homebrew file that is or includes Table information doesn't work, and results a notification of the failure.
This is as intended and designed. The format for 5eTools tables are in a separate JSON structure. Roll20 uses a a separate format, and the tables exports from Roll20 follow The Aaron's script see Table Exporter for more information. It takes some work, but you can convert one to the other, that however; will not be covered in this document.

Cannot Get Bind Drag n Drop to Work

1) No Sheet found is returned.
Primary Cause:
Maybe you missed the text across every betteR20 page on this site... but... things are broken. Its not working. there is no work around. It is busted. You likely want an ETA. Eventually, it will be likely addressed. But nothing forth coming. Its also expected that issues will continue for the next 6 weeks. (Note there is no date on this post, so.. effectively forever.)

2) After Clicking Bind Drag-n-Drop some/all of the entries in the journal are not changing to green highlighted.
Primary Cause:
This occurs when someone moves/changes or in some way causes Roll20 to resave the file. Most often its someone opening the handout and attempting to modify the text of the player-facing handout. That, however, causes the system to review the text in the DM Only section and Roll20 attempts to "fix" the text which breaks the import code therein.
Work Around:
Use the Delete Folder + its Content or the Journal Cleaner to remove the entries that get a green highlighting after Drag-N-Drop has been clicked. Then you'll need to reimport the handouts again.

Less common Cause:
This occurs when someone attempts to use Module import/exported content for Bind Drag n' drop. Module import does not create drag an drop content, it makes a 1:1 copy of the Roll20 game data. Roll20/Orr does not support betteR20's drag n' drop approach.
Work Around:
Use import by category and bring in a copy of any of spells/items/etc that the adventure included with the GM's notes fields populated with the code needed to make bind drag n' drop work.

Files are not Showing

If you have just restored (un-archived) or added several journal entries (characters/handouts) it may not list those within the tool.
Work Around: to bypass this, make a new folder and pull one of the journal entries that didn't show into the folder.
Restart the Journal Cleaner, the entries should now be listed.
REASON: Documents that are archived are always there, just not shown. Moving them around while Unarchived forces the tool to see them - more so if they move into a folder, which archived journal entries can do.
You may also restart the session to reload the journal.

Multiple Select

Shen attempting to set the flight height for multiple tokens simultaneously, they disappear upon assignment
Set FlightHeight.png
Explaination/Work Around:
This is as intended and designed. The feature is to be executed on a single token at a time. Attempting such with multiple causes the game to remove them all as it cannot assigned them all the updated status.

Why Don't my imported Monsters have Macros?

Well for Module Importer/Exporter the modules are exact copies of the Roll20/WoTC module. So this is as is expected and intended.

Why Don't the module's spells/items/etc bind with drag n' drop?

Well for Module Importer/Exporter the modules are exact copies of the Roll20 adventure, if that adventure didn't have that feature when it was exported... it doesn't now - and most publishers don't use Giddy's format for such.

Karkolohk map is broken in Rime of the frostmaiden

Yup, you'll have to find a replacement map.

Problems updating or Installing

This is covered in the installation guide.

Shaped Sheet

Developer (Kryxx) stopped supporting the sheet. So did Giddy.
Use OGL (Roll20 D&D 5e sheet)


Nope. Not supported.

3d Dice

Nope. Not supported.

Pathfinder 2 importing of items/creatures/feats/skill/spells

Nope. See 3rd Party