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Known Issues

Enough complaints from people's failure to read that it became more troublesome to retain the feature than just remove it and eliminate the support requests


  • Auto-dependencies check for modules Errors on Token HUD wildcard, Card Support and LibWrapper (This SHOULD be solved in final Foundry Core0.7.5 (November))
  • Dancing Lights deprecated for 0.7.3+
  • NPC/Creatures Spells slots at 0
  • NPC missing resistances,
  • NPCs names show when under disguise
  • Teleport location errors (replacing with Multi-level Tokens to fix this)
  • WDMM-community - reduce wall segments; Middle Skullport
  • Scale issues for wdmm (10ft squares vs 5ft)
  • Some Listings for the worlds/modules do not connect with 5eTools core naming. (Fixed, awaiting deployment)
  • Some games are not working or are dying during download
  • Some modules have paths pointing assets to WORLDS directory. (please go ahead and register those each so QA on next release double checks them)

Not completely compatible with CORE 0.7.x or DnD5e >0.96

  • DDEX1-02
world / module json "url": "ο»Ώ https://www.dmsguild.com/product/170405/DDEX102-Secrets-of-Sokol-Keep-5e",
found an additional space in the URL
which was causing the issue trim() request made for Foundry core. (Sent to Foundry)
  • DIP
Missing tokens and other essentials bundled in
  • COS
Missing Tarroka deck
Module points to /Worlds/
actor images linked to wrong URL
Module points to /Worlds/
Verbeeg Longstrinder replaced but token not replaced on scene(s) https://imgur.com/a/eA5jNK3
Error in description of Multiattack for many actors
  • TMAA
Module links need to be structured Imported as module, all image links point to data/world/tmaa folder when scenes are imported into existing world from the journal, but all images are actually in data/modules/tmaa so all links are broken. Run under Foundry 0.6.6, DnD5e 0.96, Plutonium 1.8.0.
  • TOA
Several secret doors in the Tomb of the Nine Gods are incorrectly converted as regular doors. These issues are present in levels 1 and 3 of the tomb.
  • WDMM
Map Scale is off.
  • WDMM-ce
incomplete Stardock; Skullport incomplete
Map Scale is off.

Module Incompatibilty

Reports of Beyond20 and OneJournal not working with these worlds have been reported. while there is no reason they should not work, that they don't for some users is also not something that will be addressed. Its advised to not use them if they cause issues. (read that either way)