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Cannot Get Bind Drag n Drop to Work

1) No Sheet found is returned.
Primary Cause:
Maybe you missed the text across every betteR20 page on this site... but... things are broken. Its not working. there is no work around. It is busted. You likely want an ETA. Eventually, it will be likely addressed. But nothing forth coming. Its also expected that issues will continue for the next 6 weeks. (Note there is no date on this post, so.. effectively forever.)

2) After Clicking Bind Drag-n-Drop some/all of the entries in the journal are not changing to green highlighted.
Primary Cause:
This occurs when someone moves/changes or in some way causes Roll20 to resave the file. Most often its someone opening the handout and attempting to modify the text of the player-facing handout. That, however, causes the system to review the text in the DM Only section and Roll20 attempts to "fix" the text which breaks the import code therein.
Work Around:
Use the Delete Folder + its Content or the Journal Cleaner to remove the entries that get a green highlighting after Drag-N-Drop has been clicked. Then you'll need to reimport the handouts again.

Less common Cause:
This occurs when someone attempts to use Module import/exported content for Bind Drag n' drop. Module import does not create drag an drop content, it makes a 1:1 copy of the Roll20 game data. Roll20/Orr does not support betteR20's drag n' drop approach.
Work Around:
Use import by category and bring in a copy of any of spells/items/etc that the adventure included with the GM's notes fields populated with the code needed to make bind drag n' drop work.