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  • "I don't see any worlds to download!" - The files have been pulled (removed from the public) for maintenance. Please wait (or assist!) for them to be made for the newest versions of Foundry. (when will they be ready?? Don't ask. Seriously.)
  • You cannot modify or replace main.js on the Forge hosting platform for Foundry, therefore Art Repo will not completely function on that system.

There are no notifications for when it completes

Currently there is not a a notification system for completion, there are two methods for addressing this as a workaround:
  1. Wait.
  2. Install via the Setup and Configuration Screen through Manifest URL (yes, this works for Modules and Worlds)

In the case of waiting, that will vary as the file size you're pulling and the speed of your connection differ between people. But give it at least 5 minutes and not more than 30.
Because you're already in a game you have to reload the module index - this can be done by refreshing, exiting and re-entering (after the waiting time); it will then be listed (hopefully) under modules, which you'll have to enable.