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Maintence Mode

In the world of software development, maintenance mode refers to a point in a computer program's life when it has reached all of its goals and is generally considered to be "complete" and bug-free. The term can also refer to the point in a software product's evolution when it is no longer competitive with other products or current with regard to the technology environment it operates within. In both cases, continued development is deemed unnecessary or ill-advised, but occasional bug fixes and security patches are still issued, hence the term maintenance mode. Maintenance mode often transitions to abandonware.

Sometimes, when a popular free software project undergoes a major overhaul, the pre-overhaul version is kept active and put into maintenance mode because it will still be widely used in production for the foreseeable future. Project forks can also spawn from programs that go into maintenance mode too soon or have enough developer support for a more advanced version. A good example of this is the vi editor, which was in maintenance mode and forked into Vi IMproved. The Vim fork has many useful features that vi does not, such as syntax highlighting and the ability to have multiple open buffers.

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What is Maintenance Mode?

When a project goes into Maintenance Mode the means the project is being supported but no longer seeking input on the direction of further development.
So what this means is the project will continue, but that the Developer will only be touching base with the project when Roll20 either adds a feature that makes the project's feature redundant, or Roll20 modifies or alters their site in a way that breaks one or more of the project's feature's functionality.
Be advised, that can ALSO mean that if a feature breaks in a way that the repair is non-trivial that the feature in question may be discontinued and put into a Known Issues and Limitation of the project's functionality.


Well, because the features of the project are significant and the more things that are added the more complicated their interactions. Beyond that the community seemed to largely stop supporting the development (ie no long standing Patreons / community leaders asking for it), and because the FoundryVTT platform is more appealing and offers more opportunity for tighter, better integration with many of the features the project holds being already included in the base system.
For more information look into FoundryVTT

What about importing? Will my future purchase of <x> be importable in Roll20?

Most likely, yes. As before, if you've purchased the module IRL - and your local laws allow for it, you can use the import feature to bring that converted content into Roll20.
The BetteR20 script uses the data that the 5eTool website uses, and BetteR20 will be maintained to keep that functionality. So while you might not get an API engine - most (see homebrew) the extended content/conversion and Homebrew content continues to be usable both on the site, and inside Roll20 and FoundryVTT (yes we're mentioning that a lot; No, we're not associated with FoundryVTT; It's just a very good system and frankly more stable and easier to work with)
If you want to move to FOUNDRY - we highly suggest using R20Converter to migrate your content from Roll20 over to Foundry.
Here's a quick demo/tutorial of R20Converter moving Curse of Strahd from Roll20 to Foundry
NOTE: As of Plutonium 1.8.x you can import "worlds" (ie pre-existing campaigns with all the content (scenes etc))

How do I get <feature> added to BetteR20??

Well, the project is open source and it has always been possible to modify and enhance it. Several people have contributed to such and that still remains possible. If you or a friend have an amazing idea and worked out mostly how that is done then absolutely - let the project's developer know and perhaps YOU can help build the project out.
It's not a DEAD project, its that the developer has chosen to focus elsewhere and so there hasn't been anyone willing/available to pick it up. Maybe that is you?