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Using Compendium vs. World

World data loads when the game starts, they are available and searchable (within the security confines the GM gives to players). So its accessible and integrated into the world's data natively and allows you to folderize (organise into folders) the content and to assign specific rights and access on a per item basis for the content.

Compendiums don't load their contents until they're specifically sought out and brought into the game. Compendiums are fairly portable containers for their content and can be converted easily into a "Module". Because compendia are not loaded until needed, that lowers the game session burden memory wise and so client (players) sessions have lower requirements. However the organization of Compendia is done in buckets of content; So your compendiums have functional structures such as items compendium, actor compendium, scene, Scene to an actor compendium or even compendia for PC Actors, one for Major NPCs, and another one for all creatures/monsters
In comparison, importing into the World directly does load into for the players so you may wish to check with them about site/campaign/world performance, but it does allows folderization of the data so its organization is easier.
If there are issues move non-essential content into a compendium for your use.

So, Organization and higher memory requirements (World) or lower memory requirements and less order (Compendium)

into World Module
Memory Use ➕➕
Organization n/a n/a
Access In Game Extra Steps Actor
In Game