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Config Editor: Import (Creatures)

This allows you to remove duplicate content that can often occur from importing or when pulling compendium for/from games and modules.

Instructions (How to use it)

Click up on the Settings Cog (SettingsConfigEditorIcon.png) Icon when Plutonium is activate
The Config Editor window will appear
From the window you are able to choose Import (Creatures) from the left side to modify.

The following options are available which can be individually checked or unchecked, or reset by clicking upon the reset (ConfigEditorRefresh.png) icon.

  • Default Permissions - The default rights assigned for an imported Creatures.
  • Enable "Scale and Rename" Screen - During creature import, present an additional dialogue which allows the to-be-imported creatures to be CR sacled and renamed.
  • Item Weight & Value Scaling - The method by which to scale the weights and values of non-standard-sizes items carried by creatures

Advanced Settings
  • Image Source Compendiums - A comma-separated list of compendium that the creature importer will attempt to pull art from rather then use the default plutonium icons.

Feature Support

Known Issues/Limitations

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