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Config Editor's Art Browser

The Config Editor's Art Browser feature gives various enhancements for FoundryVTT listed below.

Instructions (How to use it)

The following options are available which can be individually checked or unchecked, or reset by clicking upon the reset (ConfigEditorRefresh.png) icon.
This can also be adjusted from the Art Browser will open and you can then choose between modes of operation; from the top right icon
Scene (Plutonium Scene Icon.png) - Scenes are analogous to Maps/Pages in Roll20; its an entire new scene/location; another floor; a different world or the like. Scenes when pulled will generate a completely new scene for the world.
Tile (TileIcon.png) - Tiles are essentially everything that isn't a Token; they are Maps; Map Assets; etc.
Actor/Token (ActorIcon.png) - Actors are images/icons; tokens
  • Tile/Scene Scaling - The factor by which the placed art items, and by which to scale scene backgrouns.
  • Token Size - Default Size of token
Medium or Smaller (1 square)
Large (2x2)
Huge (3x3)
Gargantuan or larger (4x4 or larger)
  • User Art Directory - The subdirectory of the "User Data" directory where downloaded images and image packs will be saved
  • Add Button to - The location where the Art Browser Icon (PlutoniumArt palette.png) is to be visible.
Token Scene Controls
Tile Scene Controls
Scene Controls

Feature Support

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