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A tool for assisting the creation of a character's attribute scores.

Instructions (How to use it)

The game rules over how to roll up a character are covered in the PhB on Page 12.
DMs will have their own methods of character development they may wish to use, in what they allow, and how to accomplish that. The Staten tool gives you the most common 3 methods.

🎲 Rolling for Stats
The Rolling for stats is a limited version of the Dice Roller feature. It defaults to 4d6dl1 , which means it will roll d6, 4 times - dropping the lowest die.
The Roll Stats will generate 6 results in a row with each click.

(see Dice Roller for more information on parameters).

βš–οΈ Stat Array
This is a common system for tournament or structured play, and really just for reminder/reference. Use the values and assign each one in turn to a single attribute.

πŸ’± Point Buy Stat System
Point buy is a middle ground between Array and Rolling; it allows more control by the player, but also limits the extremes that rolling can generate so the DM can better develop challenges/encounters.
Click Expand for more information about Point Buy ==>
How to use it
Pointbuy attributesUI.png
Budget (Reset button.PNG)- (Defaults to 27 per PhB's guidance); Adjust this to increase the beginning power of the characters (making challenges/encounters easier [new players]); or down to increase the challenge/threat [for advance players/gritty realism].

Random (Random button.PNG) - takes the current Budget to assigns attributes randomly.

Each stat can be modified by using either the Base box's interface (Arrowupdown buttons.PNG), which will be bounded by the rules (see Custom Rules below for how to modify). Attempting to purchase past the Lowest score or Highest value point will result in a failure to advance beyond that.
Racial is defined/modified by the Race chosen, which is pulled from the current options (including Homebrew) that are loaded.
User- Do not use this unless your DM directs you to do so. This is the override field, a simple way for the DM or player to overcome the specific logic that prevents exceeding the current rules and budget restrictios.

Total - This is the final attribute value which you'd record under that attribute's field on your character sheet
Mod - This is the attribute modification value and you'll record it under that attribute's modifiation box. It will modify the related Skills, Saves, and at times Initative, Passive Skill, AC, and bonus to hit/damage.

Select Race
This is a drop down list and is populated by what sources are currently loaded and/or restricted.

Controls for PointBuy

When you click the Checkbox.png Custom Rules box, the Ability Score Point Cost changes from the reference chart, to an interactive element.
Where you can modify the purchase costs for each attribute point, and increase the high and low values (by default 8-15) to allow character attribute generation beyond 15 or to modify the costs to make costs per point different for DM's campaign's needs.

You can do this by clicking upon AddLowerScore button.PNG or AddHigherScore button.PNG to add a new higher/or lower limits. Clicking Cancel button.png to selectively remove added fields, or just hit reset (Reset button.PNG) to restore the rules to RAW.

  • Reset button.PNG - clears current point assignment and restores to RAW/default values
  • Random button.PNG - using the current assigned budget, it randomly assigns attributes values within that budget.
  • FilterResultsDescending.PNG and FilterResultsAscending.PNG - appears when your mouse is focused on an editable box. Arrowupdown buttons.PNG

  • Checkbox.png Custom Rules - enabling this allows for the custom values for purchasing points (allowing for values under 8, and over 15)
  • AddLowerScore button.PNG - add another attribute value lower than the prior lowest value
  • AddHigherScore button.PNG - add another attribute value greater than the prior highest value
  • Cancel button.png - Remove the attribute value from the custom rules.

  • SavetoFile button.PNG - Saves the current configuration to a file to the local machine
  • LoadfromFile button.PNG - Loads a configuration file from local machine.
  • SavetoURL button.PNG - Create a configuration URL which can be saved and referenced directly for the current Point Buy configuration.

Feature Support

Known Issues/Limitations

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Which system is better?

I don't know which one I should use? Which is best? That's a pretty subjective question, but... from experience, I'll respond with this.
Begineers (Array):
For first time players, or for short/one shots - array is a quick and dirty, fewest choices/least complicated system to start play.
Advanced (Point Buy):
For general play, this gives the DM some real boundaries to work within and no player will be super powerful, or super weak (which can occur with Rolling).
Expert (Rolling):
You want a REAL challenging campaign try rolling 3d6 and assigning the stats in order Strength, Dexterity, Consitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma, and... the player plays that character.
Rolling is honestly a good system, but it depends on how you roll.
  • 4d6 dropping the lowest is pretty common.
  • 1d10+8 Gives powerful players.
  • 4d4 Gives an above average.

Best Practices

None as yet (Do you have any suggestions?)

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