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Manage Homebrew

This page is an interface to manage the locally stored resources files that extend 5eTools beyond SRD. The community manages a separate repository which has been compiled by various people to extend the features of the 5eTools site, the Roll20's BetteR20 enhancement script, and Plutonium for FoundryVTT.


Get Homebrew

  • This queries and responds with the contents of the public homebrew repository.  (See Homebrew on how to create your own and what projects are in the works).

Upload File

(Related: see blacklisting )
  • The allows a private homebrew file to be imported into the 5etools dataset.  

Load from URL

  • This allows the use of a file from an external repository.

Browse Source Repository

  • Link to the general community homebrew repository for users to make mirrors of, should they wish to do so, or to navigate what options are out there.

Delete All 

If you have developed your own homebrew, and/or have a clone of others those are not targeted.

  • Purges the browser's local cached content for homebrew for the website.

View Source

  • Brings up the repository (like Browse Source Repository)

View / Manage

  • Pulls up an interface to allow for the modification of the Homebrew's entries through a UI which allows individual elements to be deleted.

Delete Delete.png

  • Deletion of a single Homebrew file. (which can be fairly expansive - a single entry can have spells, classes, monsters, subclasses, races etc elements.)

Walkthrough (How to use it)

There are various locations in the site that will direct you to the Manage Homebrew feature, once there

To Add Homebrew:

  • Either choose through the Common repository, local upload, etc
  • And click on the option(s) you wish to add
  • "loading...." will appear as its name.
  • Once the file is loaded, "done" will appear.
  • Click off of the pop up window to close the window.

To Remove individual elements from homebrew

  • Either choose through the Common repository, local upload, etc
  • Find option(s) you wish to modify
  • Click View / Manage
  • Locate the entries you wish to remove, and click their boxes
  • Click Delete Selected

To delete a Homebrew resource

  • Either choose through the Common repository, local upload, etc
  • Click Delete.png on the option(s) you wish to remove

To Delete all homebrew sources.

You would use this to reset the homebrew for troubleshooting

  • Either choose through the Common repository, local upload, etc
  • And click on the option(s) you wish to add
  • "loading...." will appear as its name.
  • Click off the pop up window.

Walkthrough (How to change (set your own) Repository)

If you want to use your or someone else's personal repository for homebrews...

  • Click on the Settings Cog next to Get Homebrew;
  • Enter the Repositories URL (blank/empty defaults to the 5eTools Repository)
This repository will need to have an index name index-props.json for the site to reference for the entries and their contents. Hosted in a folder name _generated off the URL's root.
So if you were pointing it to then needs to exist and it must include the entries for each homebrew you wish to have the hombrew manager to load.

Feature Support

Known Issues/Limitations

Looks like its perfect... (Did we miss anything?)


I've lost all my homebrew content?!

You may have been troubleshooting another problem and part of the process was to delete local cookies/cache for your browser, if so... you also deleted the homebrew's content.  You'll need to reload.

I was pulling up <content type> and the system said there was corruption!

One of the homebrew files has malformed data. The site has just removed that entire file's contents from your view.
If you know what file it was, please leave a comment here or report it to the community discord channel for #Brew-conversion.

Did that not answer your question(s)?
if not please check the Known Issues page for further guidance, or leave a comment below to let others know (and help you).

Best Practices

None as yet (Do you have any suggestions?)

🚧 Still being documented.

Related Features

Did that answer your question(s)?

If not please check the under Support; Troubleshooting or the Known Issues page for further guidance, or go to the Discord community and leave a comment in the issues channel.

If you enjoy the project, please follow this link to see how you can contribute and help make it even better.