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Shaped Sheet's JS Builder (for Roll20)

If you use the 5e Shaped character sheet on Roll20 with its companion script, this tool will generate a supplementary script file that can be used to load monsters and spells from the 5etools data set for use with the !shaped-import-monster and !shaped-import-spell commands.
Select the sources that you wish to include, click the "Prepare JS" button and then, once the data has populated into the text box below, click the "Copy JS" button to copy it to the clipboard.
You should then paste it into a new API script file in your Roll20 campaign. See the |script documentation for more details on how to import spells and monsters into your game once you've loaded the additional data.
Important Note: Please do not paste links to this tool on public forums - especially not on the Roll20 forums.

Instructions (How to use it)

Requirements: To use this tool you' will need the 5e Shaped Character Sheet as the character sheet; and the Shaped Companion Script as part of your API Tools on your game(s).
  • For instructions on how to do that for the 5e Shaped Character Sheet please go here
  • For instructions on how to do that for the Shaped Companion Script please go here .

You may wish to add non OGL content. To do so you will need to visit the Manage Homebrew page to determine which sources and even what items from within the sources.

  • Select the Source(s) you wish to include on the left hand panel of the page.
  • Click the Prepare JS button 
  • The data will be built and presented in the text field on the right side, once that has been done
  • Click the "Copy JS" button to copy it to the clipboard
  • Go to Roll20
  • Go to your game
  • Under the Settings drop-down, choose API scripts

Shaped JS Builder Roll20 install.gif

  • Choose New Script
  • Paste the clipboard contents into the editor
  • Change the name from untitled.js to some like 5e Companion Data.js 
  • Click Save Script 
  • Confirm that the script is active and running in the sandbox console.
  • You can Confirm that the material has been loaded by checking within the game when you see Shaped Companion's confirmation message in the chat window.

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