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Make RPG Cards


Added in v1.87.0

This feature takes the content from 5eTools and any homebrews added to such, and then generates the source files to make the content in format that works with Crobi's RPG Card's App.

As such this wiki will briefly overview Crobi's RPG CARDS tool.

How to use Make RPG Cards

You may click upon Color to define the card's color (see card image to the right)
You may click upon the icon and choose another icon name from

Add Cards
Click the Add Button (add button) opening the menu and choose from the menu's options:
Add Menu

Search for any of the entries currently loaded (RAW + Homebrews)

Filter topic to create a list you can mark individual selections from

Use previously selected Pinned List made in reference sections

As you add cards you can then customize each card's color or icon, and how many of the cards the Deck you've build will contain
Click Copy to copy the JSON to local memory/Clipboard.
Copy + framless will pop a window to show the JSON code.
Delete Will delete an entry

Click Export to JSON to generate a JSON for Crobi's RPG card

How to use Crobi's RPG Card App

Load the exported JSON by clicking on the Load from File
Click Generate to create the cards;
The resulting page may be printed to PDF or directly to printer.

Feature Support

Known Issues/Limitations

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Best Practices

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