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Text Converter

Text converter takes either HTML or Markdown (Homebrewrey/GMBinder) content and converts it without ANY flaws, seamlessly, into 5eTools content.
I'm totally lying. It only works for tables, spells and statblocks at present.

Instructions (How to use it)

Find what you want to convert (currently only Tables or Statblocks - in either HTML or Markdown )GMbinder/homebrew))
Click the menu/hamburger Hamburger.png, a menu will slide out
Choose Mode between either
  • Table
  • Statblock
  • Spell
  • Item (future release)


The statblock parser takes data from two possible formats simple TEXT, or Markdown. Which you can choose the from the drop down list.
Page - This is the location in the source document the creature appears upon, this is optional, but its helpful to give the user a means to find and double-check the data, and its best to include it.
Source - This is the Book/data; if you don't have one defined you can then
  • Add or Edit a source file. What is created is called the Meta in Homebrew.

The tool includes sample data in both Text format and Markdown to demonstrate optimal formatting.



Table data source can come from HTML or Markdown,

Find the code for the creature or table you wish to use.
Copy and paste that code into the Input window.

Page Layout

Left/Top - code pane Right/Bottom - Presentation/Information pane.


Parse button.png - Reviews the content in the Input window; searching (parse) for specific key terms and their values, replacing the output.
ParseAdd Button.png - Adds the parsed result to the current output results.
EnableEditing button.png -

Feature Support

Known Issues/Limitations

Looks like its perfect... (Did we miss anything?)


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Best Practices

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🚧 Still being documented.

Related Features

Alternative tool - Make Monsters thru the Homebrew Builder

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