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Website (5eTools)

  1. Dynamic Links to this Wiki per page.
  2. New Homebrew Spell builder
  3. New DMs Screen Module (In game Calendar)
  4. New Homepage Design (Mobile friendly)
  5. DM Screen enchanced Mobile Support
  6. Dragon of Icespire Peak
  7. Acquisitions Incorporated
  8. Homebrew (color tag support)

Roll20 (BetteR20)

  1. Fixes against Roll20 breaks
  2. Token Animator updated

Foundry (Plutonium)

  1. Soft launch for Patreon supporters for the migration tools from BetteR20's Roll20 game export to Foundry.

Discord (5eCrawler)

  1. !condition, !disease, !deity)
  2. Added a fake quote command !mq "monster name" <quote here> This requires the Manage_Webhooks permission
  3. Added a Pythagorean calculation command !pythag x y