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(aka Bugs & Known Limitations) The following items have been identified and confirmed as problems that are currently being worked upon, but are not resolved due as yet.

Limits on Supported Environments

If you are running on an enviroment that doesn't match these you will need to test to see if the problem exists within these parameters.

Browser Support.

Chrome or Firefox
We have no plans to support any Microsoft browsers. While generally adequate, other browsers (for example Safari and Opera) are not officially supported; and if you are experiencing performance problems, you'll need to confirm if the issue occurs on one of the supported browsers before reporting it.

Device Support.

Windows or Android;
Mainly because they're the devices we usually have access to. Due to the amount of information displayed we typically aim for the best look-and-feel when using a monitor rather than a smartphone screen. Similar to our browser support, you may wish to upgrade to a better-supported device in order to have a more secure / better experience when using the internet.

Supported Browser Plugins 

Tampermonkey and Roll20 Enhancement Suite (Chrome / Firefox : Github Repo )
While this mostly impacts only the Roll20 companion script, when experiencing problems please make sure to ensure that any plugins/extensions that you have loaded have been disabled to confirm the problem persists in their absence.
In particular; AD BLOCKING plugins should be disabled if problems occur.

Tampermonkey scripts

There are a few tamper monkey scripts that the community supports.
RED REIGN's Roll20 Dark Theme
Noon's Roll20 Scripts: 
The script is here.
Installation instructions are here.
Details on the script's functions and offerings are here .

5eTools Website

Scaling creature CR

Spelling casting abilities being included doesn't scale wonderfully.
Non RAW (Rules as written) Creature abilities are completely untested and so any CR changes from such are suspect.
You can grant types of armor that the creature doesn't have the required ability score to use.
It doesn't factor in enchanted Armor.
No Work around exist
Its still a unqiue feature and works better than DnDBeyond.. so there ;)
Scaler doesn't scale Lair/Regional action
No Work around exist


POINT BUY: the point buy doesn't have hard restrictions, ie it allows you have 0 as an ability stat, or 100+ and Allows you to over spend.

This is as designed, if someone is going to cheat they are going to cheat even if the tool doesn't allow 
you to overspend.

If the player exceeds a standard 27 point purchase, The budget's score will show a red negative number for 
the amount of points you exceed the standard 27 points.  If your DM allows you to spend - 30 points, 
then you should not have a budget less than -3. 
(You, as the user, are left to ensure you're not cheating.)

DMS: if you are goin to make going over 15 attribute limit feasible for point buy, you may wish to add costs
for such - say 100 points to make it impossible for doing such. When a negative -100 shows up, people will 
likely understand they shouldn't go there - like above - this is designed for your customization, and as 
always the DM should be checking character attributes before the game starts, so any violations of their 
game's rules will need to be handled by them at the table.

Statblock Converter

Doesn't handle lair CRs
Doesn't handle correctly-formatted lair actions
Doesn't tag attacks - Doesn't tag damage
No Work around exist

 Day/NIght mode

The website doesn't completely shift theme when using Night Mode. It has some design elements that don't shift.
There is a new UI version in the works and patching the website isn't high on the priority list.


Mobile devices have some layout issue with the searching/filtering.
There is a new UI version in the works and patching the website isn't high on the priority list.

Homebrew subclasses don't appear in the Omnisearch

Homebrew sources containing item properties can't be opened  

Homebrew sources containing "book" homebrew can't be deleted

If the problem you are experiencing isn't listed here, please look at Troubleshooting .


This is the tool for Roll20 that extends the platform's current functions.

Doesn't Load

When entering Roll20 the script either doesn't load, or Roll20 never loads.
you must install VTTes (VTT Enhancement Suite)
If that doesn't resolve it. Reinstall both VTTes, Tampermonkey and BetteR20 again.

3D Dice

Results may differ from the what the graphics show.
Disable 3D rolling

Shaped Sheet Issues 

Importing from 5eTools's journal entires by drag and drop are not working (at all/very well/infrequently)

Attempting to import monsters while using Shaped character sheets has numerous fails, and some 'successful' imports lack their spells/weapons etc.
Switch the character sheet to OGL. Do the import, then switch back to Shaped Character sheet
You may need to run !shaped-update-character --all

Token action doesn't work for creatures imported into Shaped character sheets

Shaped has some  different designations for fields that the OGL /Roll20 5e charactersheet. 
BetteR20 was written for OGL character sheet, and the macros reflect that

Importing a large amount of content hangs or fails.

When doing importing numerous entries, some users experience partial imports, hung system, etc.
Delete the failed content. Modify the Rest Time in the Configuration.

Multi-Whisper Tool

If you have many players that are part of your game (it depends upon the total length of the whole list of the player's names) the tool will lag and be unable to list the list of the player in the entirety to chose from.

Quick Layer Sidebar

The "Quick Layer" sidebar loads regardless of config status


Importing a module doesn't include token actions.
Module Import/Export differs from Import by Category.
Module Import/Export is a direct backup and restore, if no token actions were defined in the original module's character, none will be there when imported.
To solve this - use VTTes  to assign token actions to existing tokens
Eberron's "Faction Agent" background adds every skill availible.
this will occur with any background that lists "choose skills" from a list.
you don't get all the skills so DMs should be aware and help players understand the game's intentions.
Importing Classes/Subclasses isn't intuitively designed.

Selecting Tool is inconsistent

If the problem you are experiencing isn't listed here, please look at Troubleshooting .