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Homebrew Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add <feature> to my homebrew?

Most of the best way to do this is by looking at entry in which that has been done. Want to make a spell's range "touch"? Want to make a Feat that adds +2 to an Ability Score and bunch of features (that's op... but.. ok) ? Want a Fighter with Full spell caster spell slots (WHOA there)? Want a katana that is spell caster focus, is versatile, has reach, and is a light weapon that deals 3d10 piercing; 3d10 bludgeoning; 3d10 slashing, and your choice of 500d2 SuperSayian energy damage? (well... your game, your rules.)

Find an entry on 5eTools and then pull up the entry holding shift + popout.
the entry will show the JSON behind that entry, copy the content for the section that is what you're looking for, if don't find something similiar, you'll want to check in the discord server and the settings