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FIRST things first.
When we say homebrew in the sense of 5eTools, it's more than what you might be normally be used to, homebrew content effectively means any content that is not WoTC and is also available for use within 5eTools. This will include licensed 3rd party content such as Green Ronin; Kobold Press; Paizo; etc. You can see the list of Offical content here.
When it's used within 5eTools, Homebrew also includes the means to take your ideas and use them as part of the site. (ie Homebrew Manager is how you include non SRD/RAW content)

That requires some additional work from what you may be familiar with RE: Homebrewry, GMBinder, or just drafting up a thought in a word processor. It helps to have a minor understanding of a data structure called JSON. If you've used Homebrewry or GMBinder, CritterDB or the like, it's not all that different, but its not the same either.
We'll (Discord Community #Brew-Conversion) do our best to give you the support to build your own homebrew for 5eTools, and perhaps give you more insight into the site and datastructures.

The data is broken into logical units (listed in the collapsable table below) where we'll go into more details into each Type of entry.

Computers require Data to have precise structures. So your Homebrew must work within those structures and Pass JSONLINT validation, and then additionally 5eTools Validation.


Homebrew LEXICON:
The list of tags and terms.
5eTools Respository