Foundry Worlds

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View the current status of the worlds in progress here.

Getting Started


Click here to sign up for QA and find out if you're eligible.


  1. View the Migration Protocol and see if you comfortable helping with existing work or creating something new following those guidelines.
  2. Visit the Discord server and the let a mod know you are comfortable with process to get access to the project's channel. Alternatively, also let them know if you want to help with QA.
  3. Fill in the Google Forms in the pinned messages to get an account for the Git service.
  4. Visit the site for our Git service (the link is also in the pins).
  5. Sign in and change your password to something secure.


To contribute you may

  • create a new Repo (see naming conventions below) and begin working on a new project
  • begin working on an existing project by forking it in order to submit a pull request later
  • submit issues via Issue Crawler in the #bug-reports channel. Details in the pinned messages.

Uploading a world

To upload a world to a new repository:

  1. Create a new repository using the Template repository (following the naming conventions below)
  2. Clone it
  3. Move the files to that repository in the world/ folder
  4. Commit to the remote!

Working on a world

To get started working on a world, fork it and clone the repository to your local system. Make any changes you believe will be constructive, and then submit a pull request to get them merged.

Core Worlds

If you would like to work on one of the core worlds (official adventures), you must ask us (on Discord) to join the Git Organization.

Naming Convention

Please make all repository names follow the structure described on the git service's wiki at Core/documentation/wiki/Conventions.

How to migrate your campaign into Foundry