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Foundry Worlds are community curated project to provide Foundry ready worlds and modules from content you have already purchased on a different platform.
The worlds, when available, are listed inside Plutonium's World/Module or Package Importer

If you would like to help or join the team working on these there are number of options: (click to [expand] for more information)

You test the worlds for their release and help ensure DMs (and their players have the best experience from the adventure).
If you are interested click here to see what is required and sign up for QA .
  1. View the Migration Protocol and see if you comfortable helping with existing work or creating something new following those guidelines.
  2. Visit the Discord server and let a Project Lead know that you have read, understand and can follow the protocol; what world you are looking to help with (see here for current worlds and their status).
You get passed files (art; audio) - you search for an find the artist(s); providing links to them for proper attribution for those that wish to use the worlds.
You create or find Art for the covers, missing tokens and maps; find music or create specific sound effects for community's use in custom builds of the worlds.

If you'd instead just like to do this for yourself, or your publishing company -- here is how it is being done.

How to migrate your campaign into Foundry


  • Check the Known Issues and make sure you've done what you could there.
  • If you have done that, and confirmed you're using the CURRRENT world build, on a supported version of Foundry and DnD5e you should proceed to the troubleshooting process.
  • Then go to the Foundry World's server and make a report of your issue/suggestion/interest.