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This document outlines the changes between world versions.

Changes between versions

v0.0.1 to v0.1.x

The base Import from whatever system is the source (5etools; Roll20; Fantasy Grounds)
  • optimize the walls
  • add links between levels from stairs/pits/hole (historically this was done with the Teleport mod)
  • added playtracks
  • add game description
  • add login screen graphic
  • add landing page
  • fix tokens / actors that are broken
  • link journals to the scenes
  • add lighting effects (historically this was done with the Dancing Lights mod)
  • Test
  • Package
  • Test package

v0.1.x to v0.2.x

  • Remove the Teleport elements and use Multilevel Tokens (if it exists)
Use the journal Teleport links to create the drawings needed for Multilevel Token;
Test to confirm Telelport was removed
Remove the Map Notes for teleport; then delete the journals
  • Change from png/jpg to webp with Waifu2x
  • TokenHUD Wildcard for all multifaced disguised Actor's tokens
  • Review the content and remove extra/unused graphics and music
  • Test
  • RePackage
  • Test new package

v0.2.x to v0.3.x

  • Adds Onboard help Documentation
  • Remove Dancing Lights
  • Confirm Teleport was removed and Multilevel Token is in place and working, define mezzanine spaces.
  • Replace Actors/Items with updated (AE compliant were easily available) (Looting/Pick up Stix compatibility)
  • Add Cards/Decks where needed
  • Add 5eLoot merchants where helpful (Stores, chests, etc)
  • Review the content and remove extra/unused graphics and music
  • Extensive Testing
  • Begin placing pins linked to the their headings in the journal entries.

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