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Conversion Process

The following is a general overview of the process taken to convert modules so that those looking to do this personally can do so on their own.

Fantasy Grounds

| Grape Juice's converter for turning 5e and soon Pathfinder2e modules from FG -> FoundryVTT. Aims to be the pathway for FG users to take their Characters and convert them to Foundry compatible sheets;
With full world/adventures in open beta. Definitely worth a try

  • Fantasy Grounds (classic is more supported currently)
  • Registered; Username; Password set in the game
  • A Functional Campaign (can be for something other than DnD5)
  • Patreon Access to Grape Juice's FG Consolidator

1) To Convert from Fantasy Grounds use Juice's Fantasy Ground Consolidator and Converter when using Fantasy Grounds module to convert.
  • Click fg_con_ui.exe
  • Define the location for your Fantasy Grounds Modules data directory.
  • Enable HD Upscaling
  • Choose the Campaign you wish to convert
  • Click Convert.
2) Revisit the maps
  • Fix bad imports and replace corrupted/missing maps. (It happens)
  • Apply Tim Posney's excellent [Merge Walls]( to address issues with the Roll20 exports (stacking walls and points creating unneeded additional walls/vertices to try to factor off for Lighting):
angle: 8;
length: 12
Run this at least 3 times per map; until the changes in wall segments is 30 or less in a pass.
  • Re-Assigned walls: made windows; replaced walls for portcullis & jails with invisible wall; Made Ethereal Walls for tapestries; removed the "extra bits" on doors needed to make them select-able.
Make sure to configure to remove prior tokens upon transfer. (so players still on floor x don't see what appears to be a glitched /stuck atop the stairs; ie the token becomes hidden to emulate them leaving)
3) Removed any Tab prefixes to overcome Beyond20 failing (compatibility tweak).
4) Update to DnD system 0.94.

5) Define world.json parameters

Added dependencies (Template below)
	"dependencies": [
			"type": "module",
			"name": "plutonium",
			"manifest": "",
			"version": "1.5.0",
			"author": "Giddy"
			"type": "module",
			"name": "multilevel-tokens",
			"manifest": "",
			"version": "0.3.0",
			"author": "grandseiken"
			"type": "module",
			"name": "parallaxia",
			"manifest": "",
			"version": "0.2.9",
			"author": "wonko"
			"name": "Token HUD Wildcard",
			"manifest": "",
			"version": "1.0.0",
			"author": "javieros"