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DnD Beyond

This is arguably the best method as it checks for your ownership of the product and nobody (normally) accuses you of anything nefarious.
There are three solutions tailored for converting content from DnD Beyond into FoundryVTT.

1 TheForgeVTT. Forge Hosting soon (likely at the time you are reading this already is) providing full conversions of the WoTC World Packages. Through the Bazaar, and through authentication, you can load games that you also own on DnDBeyond. (These are preconfigured games, you're not actually - on the fly converting an adventure from DnDBeyond- just confirming that you have the legal right to use the content - provided you bought it from DnDBeyond.

2 DnD Beyond Importer by MrPrimate. This imports Characters, Spells, Items, and Patreon supporters have access to Monster, Class, Race and Feat Importing.
KaKaRaTo's moves your DnDBeyond rolls and some content into Foundry
Beyond20 for Chrome
NOTIFICATION: Beyond20 requires a static Foundry Tab name to key off of, if you use Plutonium's Feature for tab renaming - it will break Beyond20's functionality. But if don't want to use that Plutonium feature... Beyond20's limitation/implementation will not. Proactive heads up. See the FAQ for more information.

3 VTTassets pulls your monsters/characters/even modules AND THEIR MAPS. Its stunning work - hefty labor of love. Allowing you to buy digitally on DnD Beyond and have that portable to Foundry as you increase your WoTC digital portfolio.

Encounter Library reviews Beyond20
Vice & Villany Review
VTT Assets for D&D Beyond

So, here is a sort of stop gap process for those adventures that have not been completed.

The other option, obviously, is using Plutonium and the Community Created Worlds, your official content is (mostly) already in place, and often with more refined Foundry content (feature icons, active effective, items defined so they can work with loot drop modules, etc etc). Regretfully, Plutonium has not been granted access to the DnDBeyond authentication API. (Maybe if you're reading this you can help with that, and make that possible)

Until that occurs you will need to self moderate what content you use.