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DnD Beyond

VTTassets pulls your monsters/characters/even modules AND THEIR MAPS. Its stunning work - hefty labor of love. Allowing you to buy digitally on DnD Beyond and have that portable to Foundry as you increase your WoTC digital portfolio.
KaKaRaTo's moves your DnDBeyond rolls and some content into Foundry
Beyond20 for Chrome
NOTIFICATION: Beyond20 requires a static Foundry Tab name to key off of, if you use Plutonium's Feature for tab renaming - it will break Beyond20's functionality. But if don't want to use that Plutonium feature... Beyond20's limitation/implementation will not. Proactive heads up. See the FAQ for more information.

Encounter Library reviews Beyond20
Vice & Villany Review
VTT Assets for D&D Beyond

This process however takes significant time, as the entire system must effectively be recreated to make each adventure.

So, here is a sort of stop gap process for those adventures that have not been completed.