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- 22/04/2021

  • Reduced Image and remove duplicate token images to a single set of images (Compress images (webp replacements))
  • Remove unused audio FX/Ambient files
  • Extensive QA and testing
  • Procedural testing
  • New naming structure
  • Compatibility with 0.7.x and DND 1.2.4 (1.3.0?)


- 20/09/2020

  • Moved to Multi-level Tokens (from Teleport)
  • Moved to webp images (~25-50% size reduction)
  • Support for PickupStix added, dependency NOT required
This does not mean creatures with bows/crossbows will drop arrow/bolts now.
  • Removed more R20Converter artifacts (specifically leading <p>.</p> or <p><strong></strong>.</p> inside monster blocks.
  • Started (longer process) removing the duplication of token/tile images.

(see KNOWN ISSUES for issue with current world releases)


- 14/10/2020

  • Applied Community Requested Fixes
  • Removed all Module dependencies (teleport points)
  • Last VERSION on the v0.6.x


- 22/04/2021

  • Removed Dependency check
  • Removed Teleport/Dancing lights


- 13/09/2020

  • Move into Plutonium proper with new installation option
  • Check Dependency script fixed.
  • Version incremented
  • Compatibility with:
FVTT Core 0.66 and
DND5e 0.95



- 20/07/2020

  • Removed Tab prefix to overcome Beyond20 failing.
  • Applied Tim Posney's excellent Merge Walls to address issues with the Roll20 exports (stacking walls and points creating unneeded additional walls/vertices to try to factor off for Lighting)
  • Started reducing /compressing graphics and branching off for community enhanced versions


- 10/07/2020

  • Combined Module & World files into single deployment;
  • added finddependencies.js script (it didn't work);
  • Linked Scenes to journal entries.
  • Updated to DnD system 0.94.
  • Removed Tab prefix to overcome Beyond20 failing.


- 28/06/2020

  • Added Dancing Light for candles/fires;
  • Used alternative/Updated maps for IMR;


- 28/06/2020

  • Started using Parallaxia to add visual effects (rolling waves/train moving/fog rolling in)
and some others to create motion effects.


Simplify Walls.png

- 14/06/2020

  • Started redefining Maps with significant number of walls which caused issues with performance on older machines (ie use a X versus 20+ walls to define a circle/pillar; with the objective that less than 1/4 of grid square or less changes in the walls, if combat/mechanically of no value be reduced)
  • invisible walls for portcullis/jail cells versus multiple small walls.)


- 11/06/2020

  • Updated teleport configuration to remove the PRIOR token so players still on floor x don't see what appears to be a glitched / dead token atop the stairs; versus the token becoming hidden to emulate them leaving.


- 09/06/2020

  • removing the unneeded extra bar on tokens;
  • Using Telelport link stairs between levels for player navigation


- 22/05/2020 -

  • Added Fireplace Crackle to fireplaces/Tavern/Town Ambient Noises


- 02/05/2020 -

  • re-Assigned Walls and assigned Windows and Doors.
  • Fixed bad imports and replaced some maps.
  • Remove token sheets from navigation bar (Unnecessary).


- 26/04/2020 -

Where are you bringing content from?


Title Abbreviation Version ManifestURL
5eNPCs 5eNPCs v0.3.1 pendingQA
A Holy Visit ddal-elw06 v0.1.2
A Learning Time v0.1.2
A Zib for your Thoughts azfyt v0.3.0 pendingQA
A0 Crow's Rest Island a0-crowsrestisland v0.0.1
Abandoned Shrine v0.0.1
Adventure Book 1 ab1 v0.3.0 pendingQA
Against the Giants Tftyp-atg v0.1.2
Against the Lightning ddal-elw05 v0.3.0 pendingQA
Alaorna's Gem v0.0.1
amazon v0.0.1
Artifices of Quartztoil Tower aoqt v0.0.1
Assault on Quabus AoQ v0.0.1
Attack of Tyrantclaw v0.0.1
Bad Apples sc-dod-a1 v0.3.0 pendingQA
Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus bgdia v0.1.2
Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus cor-bgdia v0.1.2
Barber of Silverymoon bos v0.3.0 pendingQA
Beasts of Legend Coldwood Codex v0.0.1
Black Magic v0.0.1
Blades of Terror ddal-elw07 v0.0.1
Bok! Attack of the Giant Chicken bok-attack-of-the-giant-chicken v0.3.1 pendingQA/released
Book of Lairs bol v0.1.2
Boromar Ball ddal-elw02 v0.0.1
Buried Council Chambers v0.0.1
Buta No Shiro v0.0.1
Cadelagra Towers v0.0.1
Call from the Deep ctfd v0.1.2
Candlekeep Mysters cm v0.3.0 pendingQA
Carrionhome v0.0.1
Castle of Malthis v0.0.1
Cat & Mouse v0.0.1
Cave of Despair v0.0.1
Caverns or Catastrophe coc v0.0.1
Champion's Rest v0.0.1
Cold Mountain v0.0.1
Curse of Strahd (Isometric) cos--isomagic Nobel Only
Court of the Shadow Fey cotsf v0.3.0 pendingQA
Creaking in the Dark v0.0.1
Crucible of Faith v0.0.1
Crypt of the Sun Lord v0.0.1
Crypts of Kelemvor v0.0.1
Curse of Strahd cos v0.3.0 --
Curse of Strahd cor-cos v0.3.0 in QA
Daenyr's Return v0.0.1
Dead in Thay tftyp-dit v0.1.2
Decks v0.0.1
Defiance in Phlan ddex1-01 v0.3.0 pendingQA
Delian Tomb dt v0.0.1
Devil of Dark Wood v0.0.1
Divine Contention (Essentials Kit) e:dc v0.1.2
Dragon of Icespire Peak (Essentials Kit) dip v0.1.2
Drow Hard v0.0.1
Dues for the Dead ddex1-04 v0.3.0 pendingQA
Eberron Rising from the Last War erlw v0.3.0 pendingQA
Eberron: Forgotten Relics efr v0.3.0 pendingQA
Eberron: Forgotten Relics cor-efr v0.3.0 pendingQA
Eldritch Lairs bol-e v0.3.0 pendingQA
Empire of the Ghouls eog v0.3.0 pendingQA
Encounters in Sharn ddal-wge-01 v0.0.1
Escape from Elturgard - Avernus Rising (DDAL09-01) ddal09-01 v0.1.2
Explorer's Guide to Wildemount : Adventure Module and Gazetteer egw v0.0.1
Fate of the Oracle v0.0.1
Fireball a Waterdeep Dragon Heist (29109) --
Gauntlet of Spiragos v0.0.1
Ghosts of Saltmarsh gos v0.1.2
Goblin Caves v0.0.1
Greenskin Diplomacy v0.0.1
Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica: Krenko's Way kkw v0.1.2
Halls of Hellfire v0.0.1
Happiness in Slavery v0.0.1
Haunts of the Ice Cavern brw-hotic v0.0.1
Hoard of the Dragon Queen cor-hotdq v0.1.2
Hobgoblin Lair v0.0.1
Horde of the Dragon Queen hotdq v0.3.0 pendingQA
Humblewood: Adventure in the Woods aitw v0.3.0 pendingQA
Hunt for the Thessalhydra (Stranger Things Starter Set) stss v0.3.0 pendingQA
Infernal Machine Rebuild imr v0.3.0 pendingQA
island of the axis of the world v0.0.1
Islands of Plunder Tarins Crown v0.0.1
It All Falls Down v0.0.1
Jack of Daggers ddal-elw04 v0.3.0 pendingQA
Kingdoms v0.0.1
Last Gasp v0.0.1
Legacy of the Crystal Shard v0.0.1
Legends of Runeterra: Dark Tides of Bilgewater lordtob v0.3.0 pendingQA
Limitles Adventures las v0.1.2
LitRPG litrpg v0.1.2
Locathah Rising lr v0.1.2
Lost Halls of Everforge lhoe v0.1.2
Lost Laboratory of Kwalish llk v0.1.2
Lost Mines of Phandelver lmop v0.3.0 pendingQA
Lost Mines of Phandelver cor-lmop v0.3.0 in QA
Make your own Luck 13myol v0.0.1
Midgard Saga - blood on fallen star v0.0.1
Midgard Saga - madman at the bridge v0.0.1
Midgard Saga - murder on the crossroads v0.0.1
Midgard Saga - raiders of the chamber of tomorrows v0.0.1
Midgard Saga - the mhalmet heist v0.0.1
Midgard Saga - to wake war v0.0.1
Mines of Madness omom v0.0.1
Mini-Dungeon Collection min-dun v0.3.0 pendingQA
Mirrorplane v0.0.1
Monster a Day mad v0.0.1
Muk v0.0.1
Murder in Skyway ddal-elw01 v0.3.0 pendingQA
Mythic Odysseys of Theros: No Silent Secret mot v0.1.2
Necropolis of the Mailed Fist v0.0.1
Nekh-ta-Nebi v0.0.1
Neotomas Paradise v0.0.1
Odyssey of the Dragonlords ootd v0.1.2
Orrery of the Wanderer (Acquisitions Incorporated) ootw v0.1.2
Orrey of the Wanderer (Acquisitions Incorporated) ootw v0.1.2
Out of the Abyss oota v0.1.2
Pathfinder Playtest Flip-Mat Multi-Pack pf-flipmap v0.3.0
Prepared! a bad night for betting v0.0.1
Prepared! atop the mountain v0.0.1
Prepared! in its horrid wake v0.0.1
Prepared! the burning crater v0.0.1
Prepared! the claret wellspring v0.0.1
Prepared! the impregnable fortress of Dib v0.0.1
Prepared! the marrow mines v0.0.1
Prepared! the obsidian pass v0.0.1
Prepared! the room with five corners v0.0.1
Prepared! the vault of Pallon the Pious v0.0.1
Prepared! under reveler's feet v0.0.1
Princes of the Apocalypse pota v0.0.1
Quests of Doom Volume 1 v0.0.1
Quests of Doom Volume 2 v0.0.1
Rick and Morty: The Lost Dungeon of Rickedness: Big Rick Energy rmbre v0.1.2
Rise of the Runelords pfror v0.0.1
Rise of Tiamat rot v0.0.1
Road to Destiny v0.0.1
Rrakkma (DDIA-MORD) dia-mord v0.3.0 pendingQA
Searching for Secrets ddal-elw09 v0.0.1
Secrets Below ddal-elw11 v0.0.1
Secrets of Sokol Keep ddex1-02 v0.3.0 pendingQA
Sepulchre of the Witch Hours Sage v0.0.1
Shadows Over the Moonsea ddex1-03 v0.3.0 pendingQA
Shrine of the Earth Barons v0.0.1
Sleeping Dragon’s Wake (Essentials Kit) e:sdw v0.0.1
Starfinder Society Quest: Into the Unknown SFQitU v0.0.1
Storm King's Thunder skt v0.1.2
Storm Lord’s Wrath (Essentials Kit) e:slw v0.1.2
Strongholds and Followers: The Siege of Castle Rend saf v0.3.0 pendingQA
Summoner's Remose v0.0.1
Tactical Maps Reincarnated tactlmaps v0.3.0 pendingQA
Tacticle Maps/Adventure Atlas tmaa v0.3.0 pendingQA
Tales from the Yawning Portal: Against the Giants tfyp-atg v0.1.2
Tales from the Yawning Portal: Dead in Thay tfyp-dit v0.3.0 pendingQA
Tales from the Yawning Portal: The Forge of Fury tfyp-tfof v0.1.2
Tales from the Yawning Portal: The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan tfyp-thsot v0.3.0 pendingQA
Tales from the Yawning Portal: The Sunless Citadel tfyp-tsc v0.3.0 pendingQA
Tales from the Yawning Portal: Tomb of Horrors tfyp-toh v0.1.2
Tales from the Yawning Portal: White Plume Mountain tfyp-wpm v0.3.0 pendingQA
Tales of the Old Margreve toom v0.3.0 pendingQA
Talon of Umberless v0.0.1
Temple of the Basilisk Cult totbc v0.0.1
The Assimiliation Strain v0.0.1
The Balefule Coven v0.0.1
The Bandit's Cave v0.0.1
The Blood Hunter Adventure tbha v0.3.0 pendingQA
The Blooming Catastrophe (Pathfinder Society #1-15) pfs01-15BC v0.0.1
The Breaking of Forstor Nagar v0.0.1
The Breath of the Goddess v0.0.1
The Cannith Code ddal-elw03 v0.3.0 pendingQA
The Case of the Scrupulous Pawnbroker v0.0.1
The Cave Beast's Hoard v0.0.1
The Curse of Dusk Hollow tcodh v0.0.1
The Dueling Knight's Fungeon Dungeon tdkfd v0.0.1
The Fangs of Zengar tfoz v0.3.0 pendingQA
The Forge of Fury tftyp-tfof v0.3.0 pendingQA
The Goblin Warren v0.0.1
The Halls of Havareem aa-the-halls-of-havareem v0.3.0
The Hangover th v0.3.0 pendingQA
The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan tfyp-thsot v0.3.0 pendingQA
The Invisibile Hand v0.0.1
The Killing Blade ddal-elw10 v0.0.1
The King's Curse v0.0.1
The Kundarak Job ddal-elw08 v0.0.1
The Lightless Beacon - Call of Cthulhu LightlessBeacon v0.0.1
The Master's Vault tmv v0.3.0
The Murmoring Fountain v0.0.1
The Petentieryrie v0.0.1
The Pirate Cove pftpc v0.3.0 pendingQA
The Secrets of Skyhorn Lighthouse tssl v0.3.0 pendingQA
The Soul of a Prince v0.0.1 pendingQA
The Sunless Citadel tftyp-tsc v0.3.0 pendingQA
The Temple of Jewels and Mirrors v0.0.1
The Thieves' Den v0.0.1
The Ties the Bind v0.0.1
The Tortle Package ttp v0.3.0 pendingQA
The Witches of Yuletide brw-twoy v0.3.0 pendingQA
The Workshop Watches v0.0.1
thoh - The Heroes of Hesiod v0.0.1
Tiikeri's Revenge v0.0.1
To worlds Unknown v0.0.1
Tomb of Annihilation toa v0.1.2
Tomb of Annihilation (community enhanced Metric) cee-toa-metric v0.3.0 pendingQA
Tomb of Annihilation cor-toa v0.1.2
Tomb of Horrors tftyp-toh v0.1.2
Tomb of Mercy tomb-of-mercy v0.0.1
Tome of Beasts 2 Lairs tob2 v0.0.1
Torment and Legacy pf2tal v0.0.1
Torment of Tomi Tower v0.0.1
TPK tpk v0.1.2
Trail of the Apprentice The Oracle's Test v0.0.1
Trail of the Apprentice The Wizard's Dungeon v0.0.1
Tyranny of Dragons tod v0.1.2
Under Frozen Stars v0.0.1
Underworld Lairs bol-u v0.0.1
Waterdeep Dragon Heist wdh v0.2.
Waterdeep Dungeon of the Mad Mage dotmm v0.1.2
Waterdeep Dungeon of the Mad Mage (Community Edition) wdmm--community-enhanced v0.3.0 pendingQA
Well of the Lost Gods v0.0.1
What's Past is Prologue ddal-elw00 v0.3.0 pendingQA
White Plume Mountain tftyp-wpm v0.3.0 pendingQA
Wild Sheep Chase wsc v0.3.0 pendingQA
Wildemount: Dangerous Designs wdd v0.0.1
Wildemount: Dark Star wds v0.0.1
Wildemount: Frozen Stick wfs v0.0.1
Wildemount: Tide of Retribution wtor v0.0.1
Wildemount: Unwelcome Spirits wus v0.0.1
Winterflower v0.0.1
X Marks the Spot xmts v0.2.1
Xanathar's Lost Notes to Everything Else - All Eyes of Chult v0.0.1

Dependencies for World Adventures

Most of the Adventures are enhanced by the inclusion of some additional modules the list of all modules used are listed here:

Here is where you can go for more information, and the project's Manifest URLS

In consideration:

To Do list

A list of community priorities that haven't been met, yet.

  • Better Music/Sounds (Soundboard by Blitz?)
  • Split Journals (eeeeew don't like that)
  • Decks and Cards (working on this for 0.2.1 spec)
  • Replace Column/Pillar walls with Terrain walls (LIMITEDLY working on this for 0.2.1 spec)

  • Actor Bar 2 modification;
  • Dependencies
  • On load checking for dependencies installation and notification if they need to be install/activiated
  • Reduce image library size
  • Removed duplicate images behind the layers.
  • Images optimization/reduction of sizes (working to reduce size);
  • Most likely webp lossless starting off - moving to webp lossy/mixed if things work out.

  • 5eTools Notes
  • Project Foundations Alpha.
  • Better Credits Page - moved into the Journal for accessibility.
  • Replace R20 specific docs with FoundryTutorial/Foundations
  • Review Creatures for :
- Versatile weapon not applying or using the correct bonuses;
- Spell slots defined and restored.
  • Reduce file sizes / revisit revamp thumbnails
  • Rollable Tokens / wildcard token
  • Better Credits (Music;new maps/art)
Assign Scene to chapterized folders in the sidebar.

Known Issues

Enough complaints from people's failure to read that it became more troublesome to retain the feature than just remove it and eliminate the support requests


  • Auto-dependencies check for modules Errors on Token HUD wildcard, Card Support and LibWrapper (This SHOULD be solved in final Foundry Core0.7.5 (November))
  • Dancing Lights deprecated for 0.7.3+
  • NPC/Creatures Spells slots at 0
  • NPC missing resistances,
  • NPCs names show when under disguise
  • Teleport location errors (replacing with Multi-level Tokens to fix this)
  • WDMM-community - reduce wall segments; Middle Skullport
  • Scale issues for wdmm (10ft squares vs 5ft)
  • Some Listings for the worlds/modules do not connect with 5eTools core naming. (Fixed, awaiting deployment)
  • Some games are not working or are dying during download
  • Some modules have paths pointing assets to WORLDS directory. (please go ahead and register those each so QA on next release double checks them)

Not completely compatible with CORE 0.7.x or DnD5e >0.96

  • DDEX1-02
world / module json "url": "",
found an additional space in the URL
which was causing the issue trim() request made for Foundry core. (Sent to Foundry)
  • DIP
Missing tokens and other essentials bundled in
  • COS
Missing Tarroka deck
Module points to /Worlds/
actor images linked to wrong URL
Module points to /Worlds/
Verbeeg Longstrinder replaced but token not replaced on scene(s)
Error in description of Multiattack for many actors
  • TMAA
Module links need to be structured Imported as module, all image links point to data/world/tmaa folder when scenes are imported into existing world from the journal, but all images are actually in data/modules/tmaa so all links are broken. Run under Foundry 0.6.6, DnD5e 0.96, Plutonium 1.8.0.
  • TOA
Several secret doors in the Tomb of the Nine Gods are incorrectly converted as regular doors. These issues are present in levels 1 and 3 of the tomb.
  • WDMM
Map Scale is off.
  • WDMM-ce
incomplete Stardock; Skullport incomplete
Map Scale is off.

Module Incompatibilty

Reports of Beyond20 and OneJournal not working with these worlds have been reported. while there is no reason they should not work, that they don't for some users is also not something that will be addressed. Its advised to not use them if they cause issues. (read that either way)

DISCLAIMER: The use of this tool is meant for use for your own campaigns. It is only meant and should only be used on with content that you legally possess. Using it outside of that may be against the FOUNDRY Virtual Tabletop EULA or Terms of Service with your Virtual hosting service.