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Polymorph Button

The polymorphing tool technically isn't a Plutonium feature, but rather is a QoL/UX improvement for a the polymorphing feature built into DnD5e.

Instructions (How to use it)

As the image above shows, the Polymorphing Icon (24px) will appear either in the header row or (if Compact Journal is enabled) in the menu.
If you are not seeing, or getting it, you'll want to go to settings page, into the Configuration Game Settings; System settings; and choose to enable the Allow Polymorphing

On the character sheet click the tools and chose polymorpher.
From the menu select the source(s) to chose the shape from
Choose the Specific Creature
The Transforming Actor dialog box will open
From there choose the options of how the transformation will occur
Wildshape (the Actor gets the physical characteristics, but not the mental and keeps skills and class abilities)
Polymorpoh (Poof! they're now a mirror of that creature)
Custom - this is self explainatory

How to Revert

When you need to, open the Actor's sheet.
A top the sheet - chose << Restore Transformation.
The original actor will be restored.

If you have problems with this step, make sure you're using the correct sheet and not the creature's sheet

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