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Plutonium allows you to import D&D 5e's content into your games, such as items, classes and cretures. Not only official content is supported, as homebrew files that follow 5eTools' schema are also accepted.

Importing into a World

The first step is to go to the Actors/Items/Journal/Tables tab. At the bottom of the screen, there will be a Plutonium Import[1] button. This will bring you to the Import Wizard:
Import Wizard

  1. Choose Importer: Pick the type of content you want to import. If you click "Worlds", you will be directed to a separate repo where you can download them. to use these worlds, you will have to copy them into your world directory.
  1. Choose Source: Select the source of the content you want to import. They are coded by these symbols: ADD SYMBOLS
  1. Configure and Import: If you chose the "Custom URL" option as a source, here's where you would link the file you want to import from. You can also choose if the Wizard stays open once you open the importer proper, and the folder in which the content will end up in. By default it will create a folder, but you can change it's name, add deeper folderization, or choose an already existing one.

Once everything is set up correctly, you are ready to open the Importer. To find the content you want, either use the search bar, or change the filters at the top. These filters work like the ones in the main site, so for more information check the Filters page

Import to Compendium

The data in a world is loaded for every player as soon as the game is loaded. This can be troublesome for people with slow internet connections if there's much data involved, Compendiums are the solution for this. They are collections of data which you can pull from whenever you want, easing the load for everyone involved. To import data into a Compendium, make sure there is an unlocked one avaliable. It must accept the type of content you want to import, if this is not the case an error will tell you.

Sheet Import

This is the prefered method for data that you would want in a player sheet, such as classes, spells or items. To access it, click the "Import" button at the top of any player sheet

Keep in mind any player with "Owner" sheet permission can access this importer

Importer Configuration

Feature Support

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