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Wild shape Builder

Found in the Open Tools list.
The tool creates a number of sheets with the physical attributes/token for various monsters (beasts) who the assigned character sheet can control - as a means to allow Druid shapechanges easily, or for polymorphing.

Instructions (How to use it)

  • Go to R20Settings.PNG My Settings
  • Go to Tools List
  • Choose Wild Shape Builder
  • Use Search creatures... or Filter... to limit the choices
  • Choose and click the check boxes for the various wildshape forms
  • Scroll to the bottom of the UI window
  • Choose which character, then choose Create Character Sheets
  • A folder will be generated "wild forms - <character's_name>"; inside of that will be their alternate forms.

Feature Support

Known Issues/Limitations

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  • Once the token is in place you can change between its appearances by:
  • Clicking upon the Token
  • Right Mouse click on the Token and under Multi-SidedΒ»  and choosing another side.
Best Practices

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